Make your Career in Design from the Top Notch Colleges of Germany

Make your Career in Design from the Top Notch Colleges of Germany

In recent years, there has been a surge in the number of international students planning to do a designing course in Germany. Some of the factors in inspiring the international students to have a career in designing from top-notch colleges in Germany include prestigious reputation of universities, higher living standards, and economy along with the lowest tuition fees. Most of the designing courses are taught in German, but the international students can get a chance to do the course in English at some of the top design colleges in Germany as various institutes have designed English-language programs for international students.

Some of the top notch colleges in Germany to make a career in designing:

●    University of Heidelberg- Germany

●    Johannes Gutenberg University Mainz- Germany

●    SRH University Berlin- Germany

●    Technical University of Berlin- Germany

●    University of Stuttgart- Germany

●    RWTH Aachen University- Germany

●    Technical University of Dortmund- Germany

●    Ludwig Maximilian University of Munich- Germany

●    University of Freiburg- Germany

●    Goethe University Frankfurt- Germany

Some Postgraduate Courses for Design in Germany

Below mentioned are the education programs in Art & Design in Germany. The international students planning to start their career in designing from the top design colleges in Germany can narrow down their search by choosing a specific category, program level, and preferred location.


College Course
Anhalt University of Applied Sciences- The Department of Design Integrated Design
Bauhaus University Weimar- Faculty of Media Integrated International Media Art and Design Studies

Media Art and Design (MAD)

Cologne University of Applied Sciences Integrated Design
Hochschule Bremen – University of Applied Sciences Architecture / Environmental Design
Rhine-Waal University of Applied Sciences Information and Communication Design
Wismar University of Applied Sciences

Faculty of Architecture and Design

Business Systems

Lighting Design

Wismar University of Applied Sciences

Faculty of Architecture and Design

Business Systems

Lighting Design

Macromedia University of Applied Sciences Master’s degree in Smart City Design
University of Applied Sciences Europe – Iserlohn, Berlin, Hamburg Photography (M.A.)
University of Applied Sciences Europe – Iserlohn, Berlin, Hamburg Photography (B.A.)

Benefits of pursuing Designing Course in Germany

Germany is among the top most popular destinations among international students across the world that looks for quality education. Germany is certainly an attractive place to study and the university and colleges located in Germany are highly respected by employers worldwide. Some of the reasons to study in Germany include:

●    Most of the top design colleges in Germany charge very nominal fees which include reduced tuition fees and a smaller administration fee. Also, the cost of living is Germany is quite affordable in Germany and you need to burn your pocket to live comfortably in the German cities.

●    With the growing time, when higher education is becoming important due to the growing demand for highly qualified professionals, the cost of attending university is also increasing manifolds across the universities globally. But Germany is the only one of the top study destinations where the universities charge no or very low tuition fees.

●    Studying in Germany is not only affordable, but the international students can also do the course in the English in case your German language skills are not so good. Since English is an international and widely spoken language, most of the universities in German offer the course in English language to international students so that they can easily understand the course.

●    The top design colleges in Germany are recognized all over the world and many of them have received a world-class ranking as well. Germany has more than 50 universities that are ranked among the best worldwide universities offering excellent education to national and international students.

●    Germany offers countless career options to the students who are planning to have a flourishing career in the designing sector. There are various programs in addition to designing that are offered at the German universities thus attracting a lot of young professionals each year.

●    The international students can have many work opportunities post completing their course from Germany; according to German law, international students are allowed to work on a part-time basis for up to 20 hours in a week or 120 full days of a year. The law has made it easier for international students to sponsor their studies and living while doing a course in Germany. Working part-time along with studying is something which you should consider in Germany; also your working experience will increase your future employability.

●    The degree which you have received from a German university is a highly respected and valued qualification across the world. The German graduates enjoy a high employability in the global job market post completing their course from top design colleges in Germany.

●    The international students will get a chance to learn more about the cultural and historical heritage of Germany while studying there. Germany has a long, rich and complex history and its remarks are scattered all across the country. By studying in Germany, the international students can explore a great opportunity to visit the cultural and historical gems, and hear unbelievable stories associated with them that can help in building unforgettable memories.

Career after completing a degree in Design

The design degree studies offered by top design colleges in Germany aimed at preparing professionals who can explore careers not only in Multimedia, Advertising, Technology, but also in the booming fashion design or interior designing sector across the world.

The usage and implantation of designing have become more diversified and now designing skills are needed in various other business sectors as well including architecture, civil engineering, organizational and human behavior and much more. A designer post completing his/her course from one of the top design colleges in Germany can work in different fields of activity like fashion design, interior design, graphic design, web design and much more. The students will be equipped with illustration skills so that they can focus on their original ideas and concepts along with understanding their technical capabilities as well. The professionals will be able to enhance their research and planning skills so that they can form a strategy for approaching each project, creativity and attention to detail.

The graduates post completing a course in designing can work in the media, advertising or software technology sector along with exploring some other popular career options including exhibition designer, interior designer, landscape architect, multimedia specialist, fashion designer to name a few.

Germany is one of the most inexpensive countries in the world from where you can get a designing degree and can explore great career opportunities as well, post completing the course. Germany is among the top European countries in the world in terms of the number of people looking to have a well-paid and rewarding career. In case you are also planning to make your career in designing from the top design colleges in Germany then move ahead with your plan. The graduates coming from different countries post completing their course in Germany can extend their residence permit for up to 18 months once they have successfully completed their academic studies to find employment.

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