Live Stream with Ease using JOYUSING Document Cameras

Live Stream with Ease using JOYUSING Document Cameras

Technology is advancing at an incredible pace. The prior 100 years have seen exponential technological growth not witnessed in the past 1000 years combined. And, with such advancements, like the development of the internet, most of our day-to-day tasks are now digitalized. Digitalization has increased ever so much with the pandemic going on and lockdown prevalent in many areas. One such example would be distance learning, where the teacher teaches students in real-time over the internet, live, which is also known as Learning via Live stream. Although, the concept of online education isn’t new, with many side-courses being available to be taught online. However, the E-Learning sector faced massive popularity during the pandemic, where institutes started conducting online classes.

One problem that occurred more frequently than any other was poor video quality. It proved more damaging as these classes became futile when the pupils found it hard to understand anything. Apart from Live streaming in online education, the rest of the world faces many other problems including, low sound production, video buffering, low bandwidth, etc. Live streaming is perplexing without the proper gear. And such suitable, reliable equipment is harder to find. If you want to find the perfect tools for your live streams, we’d suggest you do so on JOYUSING’s website.

Live streaming is arduous. The ideal live stream for your students (or followers) requires a high-definition document camera. These doc cameras allow content to be streamed by directly recording them overhead and relaying the recorded information to the desktop. They capture streaming video online at a high resolution and enable an exceptional distance learning experience.

Document Cameras

Document cameras for teachers in specific, and live streamers in general, are a game-changer, as they allow for an exceptional teaching and streaming experience. They give loads of benefits. For example,

1.  They save time as they allow you to scan and share files instantaneously.

2.  Its Auto Focus feature provides continuous high-definition video reproduction. It is much better than if you were to use an average camera.

3.  Doc cameras provide a great experience as they can be adjusted quickly and easily due to their flexibility. From a tabletop to the whiteboard in a matter of seconds. All while maintaining the highest picture quality.

4.  Its height enables a wider field of view when recording something from a tabletop. And its extensive zoom-in capabilities ensure the enlargement of even the slightest of details.

5.  The cameras also come equipped with various modes interface to make them compatible with any device. Thus, making them usable by most devices.

6.  They can prove more helpful when explaining to students as they allow virtual duplication of 3D objects. Teachers then write on the produced image, giving a more practical approach to the topic at hand.

7.  Online Practicals are pretty oxymoronic. They are possible, though. And doc cameras provide better performance by allowing the teachers to record and take pictures of the practicals.

In a nutshell, JOYUSING’s document cameras provide the utmost features for making your stream far more attractive. And if the stream was an online class, you’re guaranteed the full attention of your students.

Now, apart from a document camera, you need a device that manages all camera inputs and assembles all the different videos into a beautiful format, including smooth transitions between them. What you need is a flawless live stream studio.

Live Stream Studio

A live stream studio is an encoder that acts as a hub, connecting all the various components of a multi-camera input and organizing it into single desktop software. Consider it to be a central manager that manages all the incoming inputs. Such a studio is a must-have when it comes to live-streaming due to the numerous benefits it provides. It ensures high-definition video quality, is cost-effective, and it ensures your privacy and security. JOYUSING’s live stream studio is an all-in-one device. Meaning: it works as an encoder (can change video files formats), a monitor, and a recorder to record videos and display them, as well as a switcher (the device that allows you to switch in between audios and videos). It’s as compact as it can get. Some prime features of this live stream studio include,

1.  High-definition video output that ensures every second of your playback meets HD perfection.

2.  A large display with straightforward icons, making your experience a simple yet exceptional one.

3.  Acceptance of multiple capture inputs allowing all sorts of camera angle incorporation in the stream.

4.  Various modes of data input. Such a feature uplifts restrictions, making the live stream studio compatible with most, if not all, devices.

5.  A Multi-Screen Director that enables you to merge different videos and efficiently edit them.

As you can see, a live stream studio is an essential component when live streaming. A document camera and a live stream studio are great for capturing and streaming videos online. However, you might also need a video capture card. Now do note that this is not an essential component, i.e., you can still stream without it, but having it does have its benefits.

Video Capture Card

A video capture card is a device that converts raw video input (input from a video recording device) into a digital format for use on a computer. It is the conversion of video formats for uploading over the internet. A small percentage of devices come equipped with this, but generally, they don’t. Video capture cards allow for high-definition, high-speed on-screen streaming of content. The Dual HDMI video capture card provides several features. Most notably,

1.  It has a dual HDMI port to stream videos from two individual capturing devices and playing them simultaneously.

2.  It allows uncompressed 1080p/60fps video streaming. So don’t worry about quality because JOYUSING has got you covered.

3.  It includes audio input to allow for audio-included video. Perfect for distance learning.

4.  It is fully compatible with the most popular operating systems, including Windows, Mac OS, and Android.


Therefore, to ensure the best experience of Live streaming, you need to have a document camera. The device allows you to stream high-definition video with perfect audio. The flexibility guarantees that you’d need nothing else for your Live stream. Be it for online teaching, or gaming, etc. A live stream studio allows for effective management of the various camera inputs. And the video capture card helps to store analog-formatted video into a digital format. Streaming has never been easier.

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