Most Common Parts to Fail on a Dirt Bike

Most Common Parts to Fail on a Dirt Bike

There are two main reasons to know the most common parts to fail on a dirt bike.

1. For spares

If you have a dirt bike and use it extensively then it’s a good idea to know the parts that are likely to fail and keep spares. This will help you to keep riding without having to wait for new parts to arrive.

2. Before buying

As these are common failing points, knowing them will help if you are in the market for a bike. You can pay particular attention to the following parts and, if they are due to be replaced or look ready to break, simply use that to reduce the price of the bike.

Of course, specific bikes can be prone to specific failures. That’s why most people invest in high-quality bikes, such as the best Kawasaki bikes on the market. The following are parts that can fail on any dirt bike, mainly due to the environment they live in.

The Engine

Dirt bikes work in harsh conditions which increases the likelihood of the engine being knocked or sucking in dirt. The result can be complete engine failure. While this may sound serious, dirt bike engines are surprisingly simple, allowing you to strip and rebuild them with minimal effort.


Like most motorbikes, a dirt bike uses a chain to power the rear wheel. The chain is exposed and needs to be oiled regularly to keep the dirt and debris off it. If it isn’t the dirt and debris will weaken the chain and cause it to break. In addition, they can cause engine problems: as already mentioned.


Your tyres are the only part of your bike that is in contact with the ground. Unfortunately, when you’re riding over the rough ground it is easy for a stone or some other sharp object to penetrate the tyre and give you a puncture.

Having spare tyres handy gets you straight back on the road.


The exhaust has one job, to remove the exhaust gases from the engine, allowing it to continue running smoothly. However, the exhaust is exposed and under constant pressure from the engine. It only takes one stone to fly up and damage the exhaust, altering the smooth running of the engine and meaning you need to replace the exhaust.

Air Intake

Another common issue on dirt bikes is the intake. Due to the nature of the terrain, there will be plenty of dust and debris flying into the intake. This will quickly clog the filter, reducing performance in the engine.

Again, larger debris can actually damage the filter or the intake, potentially causing engine issues or even failure.

The Bodywork

The bodywork on a dirt bike is generally minimal. However, even the best riders will drop their bike periodically and the bodywork is likely to break. It will need to be replaced regularly to ensure the bike looks good and remains streamlined.

If you own a dirt bike it’s a good idea to invest in some spare parts, it will help to keep you on the road.

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