Most Effective Techniques To Eliminate Roaches In Your Apartment

Most Effective Techniques To Eliminate Roaches In Your Apartment

Cockroaches have a reputation for being dirty and attracted to dirty houses. In fact, cockroaches are not dirty, they are as clean as any other animal. However, they do walk around on the floor and feed on garbage. That means they are constantly walking over bacteria and they carry these bacteria on their feet.

In other words, you can get cockroaches in a clean house and they are still likely to carry disease because of where they have been. It is never a nice experience seeing a cockroach in your home, especially when you realize that they can carry a vast array of diseases, such as Salmonellosis, E,coli, dysentery, and even typhoid.

That’s why you need to know how to get rid of cockroaches fast.

Get Professional Help

The best thing to do is contact a specialist in pest control near me and have them take a look at your apartment. They have the tools and experience to quickly eradicate a cockroach infestation. However, you should note they will probably use poison and you may need to vacate your apartment for a day or two.

You can, and should, find out more about your local experts today. Even if you don’t currently have an issue they will check for you and offer prevention tips.


The next step is to clean. Although roaches are not specifically attracted to dirty homes, they will be attracted to any food waste. That means the tiny crumbs that end up under the cooker or refrigerator are calling to the cockroaches.

It is time to pull out all the kitchen furniture and clean the room thoroughly. This is the best way of ensuring there is nothing to tempt the roaches to your apartment.

Alongside this, you’ll need to be extra careful when preparing food and you should store all food items in sealed containers. This eliminates the aroma that can attract roaches and other pests.

Sealing Gaps

The next step is to look around your apartment and identify where the cockroaches can get in. They can squeeze through surprisingly small gaps, meaning you will have to check your apartment very carefully. Pay particular attention around doors and windows. You may also find gaps around your plumbing fixtures that need to be blocked up.

When you find a gap seal it up, this will stop any more roaches from getting in.

Baits & Additional Pesticides

Alongside the professional treatment, you can put your own bait traps down and spray additional pesticides. Just be careful regarding what you use and whether they have an effect on pets or humans. You don’t want to poison your own family and friends!

Perhaps the most important step is to make sure that you continue this approach, even after the roaches appear to have gone. This will help to ensure the infestation doesn’t come back.

Of course, being in an apartment means it is harder to keep them out of the building. But, with these simple methods, you can keep them out of your apartment.

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