NLP hypnotherapy caterham, Purley, redhill, coulsdon . Affordable clinic

Hypnotherapy /NLP clinic caterham, redhill, coulsdon, old coulsdon, Back and joint pain centre, 175 coulsdon rd, caterham, cr3 5nu. Dr Les Bailey
NLP hypnotherapy caterham, Purley, redhill, coulsdon . Affordable clinic


Affordable therapy in caterham

At the back and joint pain centre

175 coulsdon Rd



Tel. 01883 341949 or 07801418080.




NLP and hypnotherapy in caterham.

Dr Les Bailey did his original training in NLP some 30 years ago, and has successfully treated patients, blending these therapies in with his physical therapy work since then.

He has completed his masters at hypnotherapy, masters at NLP, and masters at timeline therapy, all at the Prestigious Pro Noctis training courses.

He combines the incredibly powerful NLP (neuro linguistic programming ) with Eriksonian hypnotherapy to bring about rapid results for his patients .

He is well known for treating the most severe cases or issues such as PTSD, and post-abuse .

Among the issues he treats , examples are as follows.

If you don’t see your issue listed, please feel free to email Dr Les Bailey at.

• Anxiety

• Depression

• Addiction ( gambling, drugs, alcohol, smoking etc)

• PTSD ( post trauma )

• Post abuse ( physical, mental, sexual )

• Negative behaviours

• Panic attacks

• Motivation ( sports, career, college etc )

• Confidence

• Relationships

• Fears

• Phobias

• Pre exam nerves

• Eating disorders

• Weight loss or gain

• Wellbeing

• Dysmorphia

• Habits

• Self image

• Aspergers / ASD – Dr Les Bailey has a special interest in Aspergers and ASD ( He is a high functioning “Aspie” himself ) and helps fellow Aspies or ASD,s to, literally, bring out the best in themselves, and use Aspergers or ASD as the gift it truly is. Aspergers and ASD,s are the geniuses of this world, ( think Albert Einstein, Obama, Bill Gates, Michaelangelo, Sir Anthony Hopkins, Tim Burton, Andy Warhol, Richard Branson, Stanley Kubrick ) but, they are told, very wrongly, they have a “disorder” or are “special needs”. This is complete rubbish in the extreme, perpetuated by non-ASD’s , who could never understand the amazing way an ASD / Asperger brain works! 

Les realises that Aspies and ASD,s are able to bond and communicate with each other brilliantly, and youngsters with ASD / Aspergers, literally hang off his every word.

They bond because, all autistic syndromes share similar thought processes, and are able to empathise with each other’s feelings, literally reading each other’s current mental states.

So the ASD / Asperger youngster who may have been shy around counsellors etc in the past, are amazingly relaxed and easy around Les, and the changes in them are astounding!

Feel free to message Les, and he can arrange a chat on the phone, or book an appointment.


Dr Les Bailey , back and joint pain centre, 175 coulsdon rd, caterham, CR3 5NU

Tel. 01883341949 or 07801418080


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