How can you Boost Your KickStarter Campaign Using Press Release?

How can you Boost Your KickStarter Campaign Using Press Release?

Kickstarter campaigns work as an online platform for crowdfunding projects started by entrepreneurs, start-ups, and businesses. If you are starting a business, the problem of collecting a capital amount or funds can become hassle-free with a Kickstarter campaign to generate funds.

To make your Kickstarter campaign successful and obtain the desired success, it must be well-publicized so that more people know about it and contribute.

There are many ways to promote your campaign, however, a press release makes it more successful.

A press release is a statement that states the facts and updates about a business or organization in ways similar to news articles. If your press release gets coverage from journalists and news media houses, it could make your Kickstarter campaign reach a wide range of audiences.

Such promotion through a press release could be very cost-effective for new businesses and startups where the budgets are tight. Also, journalists and reporters provide third-party coverage of your press release that could make your Kickstarter campaign more credible and noteworthy to the audience.

Here are some tips that you can follow to boost your Kickstarter campaign using a press release:

Plan, Research, and Execute

Before starting a business or a project, proper planning and market research are of utmost importance. When you know these factors properly, only then can you appropriately execute them.

When starting a business or a project, one should be clear about the services and products the company wants to offer. They should also analyze the basic amount essential to execute a business plan or project. It will help decide a capital budget that you need to raise through your Kickstarter campaign.

Kickstarter campaigns often fail in reaching their goal of collecting funds. Make sure you choose a feasible aim and do essential promotion of your Kickstarter campaign using a press release. Promotion using press releases is the key because it will provide more engagement and hence more pledges making sure that your Kickstarter campaign is not liable to failure.

Write an Impressive Press Release

Getting the attention of journalists and editors on your press release can be a difficult task.

It becomes prominent that the press release you want to publicize is effective in the way it describes your Kickstarter campaign. Everything from headline to content and information described in the press release should be engaging as well as concise. A well-structured press release could have the desired impact on the reader and boost your Kickstarter campaign.

To write an impressive press release, you must ask yourself what you would like to tell people about your product or services for which you are running the Kickstarter campaign. Sit and ponder over the qualities that could appeal to people. It will help prominently in writing a press release that is clear and convincing.

Emailing Tactics

When someone receives your email, the subject line is the first thing that tells them about the email. Therefore, one must carefully and put an eye-catching title in the subject section while sending a press release through email about your Kickstarter campaign.

A good subject title followed by a brief introduction about the press release in the email body. It will help the intended recipient to get an idea about the press release and create curiosity.

Write all the necessary information that pique’s the curiosity in the news media house and lead them to read your press release. They usually look for the five W’s: what, why, where, when, and who. Make sure the brief description, as well as your press release, answers all these questions about your Kickstarter campaign. It will be beneficial as they can then publish your press as a potential story.

List Right People For Emailing

After you have your written press release, the question is what to do with it. You should know the market in which your product or business belongs and make a list of journalists and editors working in those niches.

For instance, if you are running a Kickstarter campaign that lies in the tech niche, you must send it to those journalists who cover the tech stories and write about them.

It will ensure better results as it will reach a distinct audience. It will also target the specific demographic and boost the chances of getting the attention of more pledgers and better engagement of your Kickstarter campaign.

Post the Press Release on Social Media

Posting your press release on your website and social media can boost the reach of your Kickstarter campaign.

Posting your press release on your website will make it easy for the journalists and editors of media houses and bloggers to access and create a story out of it. Thus, it will end up expanding more coverage of your press release. It will not only increase the traffic to your campaign but also make your campaign more credible.

Put an Edge to Your Story

A good and compelling story can generate an audience that will understand your Kickstarter campaign and why it exists in the first place.

Ask, what project do you want to start a project, and why would your audience benefit from it. Crafting these elements in the press release will help the audience better connect, comprehend, and contribute to your project. It will significantly boost your Kickstarter Campaign in getting more pledges.


These were some of the points necessary to boost your Kickstarter campaign using a press release. Promoting a Kickstarter Campaign can help you get maximum exposure and funding. Thus, a strategically planned press release is essential.



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