SEO-Friendly Backlinks For SaaS Websites – What, Why, And How Of It

SEO-Friendly Backlinks For SaaS Websites – What, Why, And How Of It

With the advent of digital spaces, progress in technology has increased manifolds. And so, has the competition for SaaS companies.

Since most of the SaaS companies rely on SEO for client acquisition and customer support, denying its importance is not the way out.

There are a plethora of SaaS companies online and they all are trying to rank for similar or exact same terms online. So, there is an urgent need to step beyond keyword optimization and look into backlink building.

What are SEO-Friendly Backlinks?

Understanding backlinks is easy. Probably, you already know what backlinks are; they are inbound links from third-party domains.

But, notice worthy is the fact that not all backlinks can help your SaaS website. According to the experts at Outreach Monks, Google’s Webmasters’ guidelines value contextual links more than others. And these are the links that are known as SEO-friendly backlinks for any website.

To sum it up, SEO-Friendly backlinks are in compliance with the search engine criteria and help with improving organic ranking in SERPs.

Why SaaS Companies should invest in Backlinks?

As already mentioned, the competition is very tough for SaaS companies. And it gets even more difficult to rank for keywords that are mutual for other companies.

For example, looking for an accounting software service on Google would result in a myriad of websites. And most likely, the users tend to click on one of the first 3 results only.

Link building could take these efforts to the next level.

According to a report, websites with authoritative and relevant backlinks tend to rank higher in search results. Experts at Outreach Monks also support the fact that a good backlinks profile helps improve organic rankings.

It needs no saying that when your website ranks better in organic search, it is bound to have more traffic. And when there’s more traffic to your website, the chances of client acquisition are also higher.

How SaaS Companies can get Backlinks?

To begin with, there are plenty of ethical and white-hat SEO practices for backlinks building. For example, you can enrol into a link-exchange program and fetch relevant and authoritative backlinks for your website.

That being said, it is still better to invest in a backlink building service than to do it on your own.

Guest Posting Services

The most effective and most economical link building practice is guest posting.

A niche-relevant high DA blog is manually outreached. A relevant piece of content is created, containing a contextual link to your website. And the post is published on the outreached blog.

That’s how you get a healthy, niche-relevant contextual backlink.

Niche Edit Services

Another white-SEO practice for acquiring high-quality backlinks is niche editing. Also known as link insertion, the practice does not involve content creation.

Rather a blog is outreached and an already published post is picked up. Changes are made to the existing content and it is republished on the website.

Notably, the edits are made to insert a contextual link in the subject.

Article Submission

Last but not least, is the practice of article submission. The process is quite similar to guest posting, but not entirely.

To put this into perspective, the content is created before outreaching a blog. The article is submitted with the blogger.

Upon scrutinizing the blogger should publish the content and you’ll have your contextual backlink.

Whether you sell accounting software or develop custom applications for your clients, you need to rank on the first page for successful traffic acquisition. And for this reason, seeking an SEO-Friendly Backlink Building service is the best that you can get.

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