Teeth Whitening Cost in India – 6 Factors to Consider

The cost of teeth whitening varies based on the choice of treatment. There are two main types of teeth-whitening procedures: At-home whitening treatment and in-office teeth whitening. With toothsi, you can experience convenience like never before as the toothsi teeth whitening kit, gives you cleaner, whiter, and more presentable teeth from the comfort of your home.

1. Affordability and convenience

At-home whitening kits are an extremely affordable teeth whitening option. It saves the cost of visiting a dentist and is also much more convenient. A number of people prefer this as an alternative since the cost is much less as compared to professional prices for teeth whitening.

2. A more lasting effect.

If you are looking for a lower teeth whitening cost, high efficacy of teeth whitening that also lasts longer, teeth whitening price at home is lower and the teeth whitening kit price is also low as compared to the professional treatment options. It is important to keep in mind that a number of OTC (Over the Counter) alternatives available when it comes to teeth whitening do not deliver the desired results, and also there is no lasting effect.

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3. Keep the budget in mind

Estimating the teeth whitening cost and whether professional teeth whitening aligns with your budget or not is important. However, another important point to keep in mind is that professional treatments can lead to higher sensitivity and irritation in the gums, and the teeth whitening cost for such treatments is also high.


4. Keep the safety of your teeth in mind while considering affordability.

The safety of your teeth is important if you decide to go for a teeth whitening procedure. The teeth whitening kit price is lower and is also extremely face with no side effects. If you are someone who prefers to get a chemical-free teeth whitening treatment done and at the same time seeking a lower teeth whitening cost, then the toothsi teeth whitening kits are just right for you.


5. Don’t settle for poor results at a higher cost.

At times, the teeth whitening costs for certain professionally performed procedures are high and the results are not what you were looking for up to your expectations, teeth whitening at home is your best shot at whiter teeth. Teeth whitening kit price is lower, more affordable, and also completely safe.


6. More benefits at a lower cost.

The teeth whitening kit price is not only lower but comes with more than one benefit. You can check on the shade of your teeth using the shade card, known as the PVC shade card. This way, you can understand the difference in colour better.


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Choose a Better Option, Make a Wiser Choice.

It is important to go for teeth whitening treatments with lower teeth whitening costs and not hamper the shape of your teeth, such as in the case of bonding treatments. Some teeth whitening options available in the market are comparatively affordable but involve the direct application of bleaching material on the teeth, which can be dangerous.

The toothsi teeth whitening kit consists of a gentle teeth whitening pen and a LED light tray and gives you whiter teeth in only a few simple steps, quickly and very effectively. So, if you are someone looking for a more affordable teeth whitening price with highly effective and long-lasting results, the toothsi kit whitening is for you.



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