The Benefits of Climate-Controlled Storage for Small Business Owners

The Benefits of Climate-Controlled Storage for Small Business Owners

When we decide to put some of our things in storage, we tend to think about their safety in terms of burglars. We look for storage that is highly rated and heavy on the security because we want to make sure someone’s keeping an eye on the stuff.

However, that’s not the only thing you should be looking for when choosing the right storage space. It’s also essential to find a space that is not too hot but not too cold and where the fluctuating temperature won’t affect or damage your property.

This is where a climate-controlled storage unit comes in.

Protect Items that are Environment-Sensitive

You might not think it to begin with, but a lot of the things that you own are sensitive to their environment in some way. Such items include:

•    clothes (especially leather ones)

•    furniture and various pieces of upholstery

•    electronics

•    art

•    antiques

•    make-up

•    important documents

•    household appliances

All these things and many more are, in fact, environment-sensitive, which means that if you store them in a place that is too hot or too cold, it might affect them over time (some to the point of rendering them unusable altogether).

A Storage Area climate storage unit prevents such damage. Storage units regulate the temperature, keeping it somewhere between 55 and 85 degrees Fahrenheit.

Maintaining your items in peak condition ensures that they retain their value and are still usable or sellable.

Humidity Protection

Another essential factor to consider when storing your merchandise is the humidity level. Many things are sensitive to humidity. Electronics, for example, can become damaged if left in a moist atmosphere. Some even have specific settings that prevent them from powering up in such environments, so humidity is a pretty big deal for them.

Books are another item that can turn yellow if left in a humid environment for a long time. As for clothes, they are at risk of mold and mildew if exposed to moisture. Certain raw materials, like wood, risk rotting if kept in humid environments.

And all these problems can easily be prevented by acquiring a climate-controlled unit. That is because it regulates the humidity level, depending on the merchandise or equipment you’re storing there.

Climate-Controlled Units Circulate Air Too

Yet another overlooked aspect is the quality of air in your storage space. Needless to say, most traditional storage units donot have the greatest air.

That poor air quality can affect items like documents and electronics.By continuously circulating the air, however, a climate-controlled storage unit maintains fresh air inside to help preserve these types of items.

The Bottom Line

As a small business owner, it’s paramount that you protect your merchandise, legal papers, and any potential equipment as best you can. And considering that your products might spend months in storage, it’s essential to invest in the best option available, to save yourself a lot more hassle (and expenses) later.

Just as a person cannot thrive in certain climates, nor can an object. If you’re unsure about what type of storage unit your merchandise needs, reach out, and speak to a professional. They will usually be more than glad to give you tips and advise you on which stuff needs climate-controlled storage.



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