The fatal dating mistakes that prevent your happiness

The fatal dating mistakes that prevent your happiness

It is hard to argue dating apps made the whole partner search process much simpler. Potential partners could be found quickly, real-life dates are also easy to arrange. But then many singles make mistakes, and the rendezvous then goes down the drain. Does this sound familiar to you? If yes – you are right here. We have asked experts to identify the most common false moves and how best to avoid them. Are you already curious to find out what they said?

Mistake 1. You don’t know what you want.

Long before you start looking for a partner, you should understand what is important to you. People who follow this rule can save themselves from a lot of heartbreaks. Especially if their partners don’t share the same values as they do. For example, when dating Russian mail-order wives.

So get away from superficial chats as soon as you can and find out what your conversationalist values and goals in life look like. If she wants to buy a caravan, travel, and spend the rest of her life on the seaside. While you prefer to live in the big city, start a family, and be firmly anchored in one place. Then one of you may not be really happy with the relationship in the long run.

Mistake 2. You remain in a relationship with a partner who doesn’t really match you.

One in three Americans fears he will be left alone, a recently conducted study states. This concern leads to finding someone as a partner who is not the right one.

Therefore, if you know what you want and your girlfriend doesn’t treat you the way you want to be treated – it doesn’t sound good. If it comes to the issues that cannot be resolved, you should stay true to yourself and realize that there are plenty of fish in the sea. You will definitely meet your soulmate one day soon!

Mistake 3. You always date the same type of ladies.

People love the things they know. That may explain why we tend to always date the same type of potential partners.

But is that really what you need? If it didn’t work with the ‘type’ that you usually choose a few times, what makes you so sure that the state of things will change in the foreseeable future? Experts, in this case, advise you to leave the comfort zone and try something unknown.

Mistake 4. You listen to your brain but not to your heart.

It is, in fact, the false move that many singles make. They don’t choose partners who are right for them. Instead, they turn their brains on and try to make logic-based decisions. Still, long-term relationships can’t exist without true love. If there is no chemistry between you and your girlfriend, then she is probably not the right one.

Mistake 5. You can’t get over your ex

Some people are looking for partners who come as close as possible to what they had before. In the end, it doesn’t do any good, experts warn.

If you prefer to date women who have similar traits or appearance features as your partners in the past – better start worrying. Since you may be missing subtle differences in their personalities that lead to conflict.

To avoid dating the wrong people, you can’t just look at the traits you sincerely loved in your ex. Only absolute openness can help to recognize your compatibility early enough. On the other hand, it is equally important to find out why old relationships didn’t last. Then you can better judge whether the type you have found attractive so far is actually the right choice.

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