7 Great Ways to Meet Single Older Women Online that Most Guys Overlook

7 Great Ways to Meet Single Older Women Online that Most Guys Overlook

Meeting older women online isn’t as easy as meeting younger ones. The most popular online methods for meeting women cater to single men and women in their 20s. However, that doesn’t mean it’s impossible to find an older partner online. To see the best adult hookup sites go here.

Below is a list of seven great ways to meet single older women online that most younger guys overlook.

1. Events websites

There are several fantastic websites that do a great job of listing all the events happening in your local area. MeetUp, Eventbrite and Facebook Events are among them. On all of these websites, you can see a guest list of people who have marked themselves as “attending” on that website.

Of course, you could also attend that event and introduce yourself in person. But with MeetUp and Facebook Events, you also have the option to send a private message to other attendees. This is one of the easiest ways to meet a cougar that Beyond Ages recommends and it’s definitely worth trying out.

It’s great to meet women at events and clubs surrounding hobbies that you enjoy, as attendees tend to be open to meeting new people. Plus, you already know you have something in common. However, with this method, you don’t even need to leave the house to connect with older women who have the same interests as you.

Your best bet is to search for events that your type of older woman is likely to enjoy. Maybe that’s yoga lessons, Latin dance classes, cooking classes, or wine tasting. These are just a few ideas for you to stew on.

2. Facebook groups

Groups surrounding hobbies and interests don’t just exist in the offline world. Facebook has thousands of groups that you can join to spark a conversation about a specific topic. Many of these are designed only to attract people from a certain area. If you see someone you like the look of in these groups, why not start a conversation?

Reddit is another website based on groups surrounding various interests. However, there is no profile pictures visible on this website.

3. Cougar dating sites

This is another niche of online dating sites that older women enjoy using. Older women seeking younger men, more specifically. So, if you are a younger guy looking for an older woman, this niche of online dating service has been created just for you.

You may find it’s easier to find a woman looking for something more serious within this niche. Once again, it’s in your best interest to check the reviews before choosing the cougar site for you. Some are a lot more active than others, and there are a few scams out there to avoid too.

Our guide on creating an attractive online dating profile will help you.

4. Couchsurfing

Couchsurfing is an app created for tourists looking to save money by staying on a stranger’s couch, and the homeowners who are happy to host them. It’s a beloved online service with a huge community spreading across the globe.

However, it’s a little-known secret that Couchsurfing is also one of the best options out there to meet new people. You’re more likely to find older women on these apps acting as hosts, rather than as tourists looking for somewhere to stay. With a little effort, you can make sure you’re meeting people safely too!

Either way, it’s not recommended to make a move on a fellow Couchsurfer when you’re in a host/guest relationship. This surely does happen, but if your desires to hook up are unrequited, it’s likely to make most women very uncomfortable. In these circumstances, you’re at risk of receiving a scathing review on the app. This can be enough to ruin your chances of hosting or staying with another Couchsurfer.

It’s better to make use of the app’s “Hangouts” feature. This was created for members of the Couchsurfing community looking for someone to hang out within a public area. There are no romantic connotations made by the app itself, but if you meet up and one thing leads to another, there’s no reason this can’t be the start of a beautiful relationship.

5. EatWith

EatWith is an app that connects people with similar tastes in food who want to enjoy it together. It’s another friendship app, which can potentially turn into something more if you meet the right person. You might even be able to find older women willing to cook a home-cooked meal for a younger guy. Fingers crossed!

If you like cooking yourself, perhaps you could find an older woman to come to your house instead.

6. Hookup websites

If online dating hasn’t served you well in your hunt for a beautiful older woman, it could be that you’re using the wrong websites. Most of the mainstream online dating websites are no good for finding older women. They simply don’t have a big enough pool of active older female users.

Strangely enough though, there is a different niche of online dating that has attracted older female users. A lot of older women gravitate to the websites specifically for those seeking hookups or casual relationships. These sites are great because most of the women using them are happy to meet and get down to business without wasting too much time texting.

If you’re looking for a no-strings relationship, there are plenty of older women on these websites seeking a similar arrangement. You need to tread carefully though. A lot of online dating websites in this niche charge hefty membership fees, even though they are complete scams.

As such, we recommend checking a reputable online dating review website before signing up for any online hookup service.

7. Sliding in the DMs

This is the trendy catchphrase for cold-messaging a woman on social media. It’s almost impossible to successfully set up a date when sliding in the DMs of an Instagram model, mostly because so many guys are trying to shoot their shot.

However, older women from your local area are less likely to be overwhelmed with cold DMs. So, if you have an attractive profile and are able to flirt effectively through text, there’s every chance this could end well. You can search for women via their location or the location where they’ve posted content.


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