10 Rules To Build Your Brand On Instagram

10 Rules To Build Your Brand On  Instagram

One of the most popular platforms to build your brand is undoubtedly Instagram. This is a vibrant platform that’s easily discoverable and has a positive vibe. However, it’s also home to millions of brands and social influencers, all vying for space, likes, views, engagement, and business. What are some of the cool hacks to adopt to grow your following, brand recall value, and business via Instagram? Following these 10 rules can help your brand stand out.

Use Relevant Hashtags

This is one of the most important features to leverage on Instagram, especially if you are starting a new profile. The quickest way for people to discover your content is by making sure you use the right hashtags in every post. So curate a list of standard hashtags to go with all your posts, while you keep experimenting with new hashtags to discover newer audiences. Also, keep an eye on trending hashtags that compliment your current posts and campaigns, so you can blend in and be discovered. On the other hand, get the top hashtag generators for Instagram to find the most trending and appropriate hashtags.

Run Cool Campaigns

Building socially relevant campaigns that really connect to your brand can help engage your audiences, and help discover newer demographics. Campaigns also help build user-generated content in an organic way. Hosting contests and challenges as part of campaigns is a good strategy. Offering some giveaways is also a great incentive to boost engagement. Campaigns that connect to a social cause are also great for the reputation of a brand. Just make sure they genuinely connect with your brand and keep the communication authentic. Campaigns that seem unauthentic are likely to get called out.

Build Authentic Conversations

No matter what space your brand is in, consumers today are looking to engage with their favorite Brands around issues and conversations of importance. For example, if you run a financial services brand posting polls, sharing expert advice, hosting live sessions around related topics, are great ways to support your customers and create space for them to have a voice. If a consumer reaches out with an issue directly related to your product or service, support them in the quickest way possible. This also builds trust, and successful brands are usually high-trust brands.

Promote Your Instagram icon

Make sure your Instagram profile is easily discoverable. Prominently display the icon in all newsletters and mailers, on your website or company blog, company collaterals, stationery, business cards, and other properties owned by your brand. Another great place to display your Instagram icon is in your email signature, as well as those of your employees. Make sure every employee is also following the profile. Make these standardized practices across the company, as your employees are your first brand influencers and evangelists.

Post Awesome Videos

While it’s great to do image posts on a regular basis, posting some quality videos is a must to grow your brand’s appeal. Make the videos reflect the vibe, language, and flavor of your brand, and that the branding comes through clearly.

You don’t really need to hire a professional agency to create videos or have ninja-like editing skills. One of the best video editors for Instagram is VideoCreek’s Instagram Video maker tool. Choose interesting themes that visualize your brand story, and start post videos on a regular basis.

End On Point

As a business account on Instagram, it’s important to embed a call-to-action (CTA) very clearly at the end of every post and video. It could be related to downloading an app, buying a product, or joining a community. For memorable video endings, visiting sites such as https://videocreek.com/make/outro-maker/ is an excellent bet. Clear CTAs help grow your business and bring the desired outcomes. Make sure your website link and contact numbers are clearly visible on your profile.

Give A Peek Behind-The-Scenes

Several brands leverage Instagram to also showcase their company culture. You can seed photographs of your cute office pet, employees at work and in the field, and after hours, as well as conversations with your founder and other spokespeople. This helps create a vibe that connects to your consumers. It works well as a recruiting tool to showcase, and also builds trust in both consumers and potential employees.

Invest in Instagram ads

Once you have built organic traffic and engagement, it’s a good idea to leverage Instagram ads,especially for important campaigns, or product releases. The trick is to make sure your paid content is strong in its storytelling and is as natural and relatable as regular content. There are several Instagram ads tutorials available to help you design content right in a way that really connects to your brand’s CTA. The key to using Instagram ads successfully is to push content that is already doing well organically, so it gets a larger reach.

Get Playful

Liberally use Instagram’s special effects and editing tools to add flair to your profile – from funky filters and effects to emojis and other quirky features. Add music to create a mood for videos. Don’t hesitate to get playful with your content, and use tools like Boomerang and Reels.Updating your stories regularly, and adding some quirk, especially appeals to audiences and makes them more likely to engage.

Keep An Eye On Numbers

Instagram offers several tools to help you grow your profile. This includes business tools that help you understand how your account is performing. It helps you understand metrics like impressions, website clicks, profile views, etc., which are especially important for business profiles. These tools are available even if you haven’t advertised, yet. Try to also observe what’s the best times to post, based on engagement levels are. Keep evolving your insta-strategy based on these insights.

Keep At It

Instagram is one of the fastest-growing social platforms in the world. So investing your efforts here early on will help build a beautiful relationship with your customers, clients, consumers, and future employees. Keep inspiring, engaging, connecting, and collaborating through your profile and your brand will see rich dividends in the long term. Sometimes it takes a while for your business profile to gain traction, but consistent and strategic efforts translate to results.

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