Best Social Media Apps for Marketers in 2022

Best Social Media Apps for Marketers in 2022

Social media apps present brands with an opportunity to reach their target audience where it spends a significant amount of time.

With new social media arising and others going out of the picture, it might be difficult to decide how to allocate a marketing budget? Should you present your brand on Facebook? Maybe it’s a good idea to make videos for YouTube? Should you jump on TikTok? Or do you need to operate on all known social media at once?

This article answers all of the above questions. It presents an overview of the most popular social media apps for marketing in 2022 and explains which purpose they serve.

Let’s dive right in!

7 Top Social Media Apps for Marketing

1. Instagram

For Instagram, 2018 was marked by over a billion monthly users, and the number has grown since. Influencers, famous bloggers, small and big companies, and regular users – all of them spend hours creating photos and videos for Instagram. Over 500 million users are active on the platform each day, consuming the content.

Before you make any bold decisions, make sure that your target audience is there too. Almost 71% of all Instagram users are under the age of 35. If your audience is between 18 to 35, Instagram is a safe bet for your brand.

Thanks to its coverage, Instagram is a very popular social media platform among companies advertising their products and services. Still, it is a real gold mine for businesses associated with lifestyle and e-commerce.

If you consider starting an account for your business, just keep in mind that the creation of content for Instagram might take a lot of time. Beautiful photos, designs and visuals, along with videos that depict behind-the-scenes life inside your company, need considerable investment but perform the best on the platform.

2. Facebook

This platform is by far no less popular. Facebook is a great social media app for almost every type of business. The platform grants access to adults that you can reach with entertaining and educative content on any topic, even crypto trading (for more information click here).

In fact, Facebook can boast a whopping 2.5 billion active monthly users, which makes it the biggest social media website so far. The audience on the platform is a little bit more mature as compared to Instagram. If your target audience’s age is between 23-34, it might be wise to actively promote your brand there.

In some instances, it might be a good idea to move beyond the Facebook business page and leverage Facebook groups. This is the place where you can create community of your professionals and customers. Groups are the best place to start conversations with your audience and build brand loyalty. Brick by brick, it’ll result in higher conversions and revenue.

3. LinkedIn

LinkedIn is a great platform for companies from the B2B sphere. With over 610 million users and 303 million active monthly users, the platform is a great place to target professionals of different occupations. The majority of its audience is between the age of 25 and 34 years old.

The platform provides you with built-in advertising tools that you can utilize for generating new leads. When done right, LinkedIn marketing can become a powerful resource in finding customers for companies working on the Business-to-Business model. Custom software development company like MLSDev that specializes in web and mobile apps creation from scratch use this medium to reach their target customers.

Consider this platform, if you are selling marketing, software development, and B2B services.

4. YouTube

YouTube has earned the title of one of the most popular video streaming platforms in the world. The number of active monthly users has passed the mark of 2 billion and continues to grow. Youtube platform is especially popular among people aged 15-45. YouTube is broadly popular among older audiences, as 58% of U.S. users aged 56+ report watching videos on the platform regularly.

YouTube is the best choice for companies that can provide their target audience with video content that is both educational and entertaining. All in all, if you need to promote an e-commerce business, a yoga studio, or an IT company, you can consider youtube platform for marketing efforts.

To mention, it is possible to partner with YouTube bloggers so that you get access to the power leads-generating machine.

5. Twitter

As of the end of 2019, Twitter had 330 million active monthly users. Out of the number, 40% of users open the app to check updates at least a few times a day. If your target audience is on Twitter, you can create a very engaged conversation with them by regularly tweeting interesting information that provokes discussion.

The main audience frequenting the platform is divided into two big age groups: 25-34 and 55-64 years olds. Users that fall between these two categories are active there almost as much. Twitter is the best choice for B2B companies that specialize in business, marketing, politics, and technology.

The only difficulty might be the creation of bite-sized content pieces with the well-timed and regular posting there. You can experiment with different types of content, including short videos, vivid visuals, hot topics, etc.

6. Snapchat

Over the last few years, Snapchat gave ground to a few aspiring competitors. Still, the platform is still popular among youngsters, with over 300 million active monthly users and 190 million active ones.

As compared to other platforms, Snapchat targets a younger audience. In the USA, almost 90% of its users are aged 13-24, and 75% of users are 13-34. If you are contemplating the platform, keep this information in mind.

The majority of users enter the Snapchat app daily to share videos and images with friends. The disappearing images feature is great, as you don’t need to think hard about creating a beautiful feed. As the audience belongs to younger age groups, it doesn’t expect to watch boring and educational videos about your products. Instead, create live-style videos and show what is happening in your company behind the scenes.

7. TikTok

TikTok is the newest addition to the family of the best social media apps for marketers. After being in the scene for less than two years, the platform secured its place among top mediums for marketers.

With over 1.5 billion app downloads, TikTok is estimated to have over 800 million active monthly users. The majority of users are aged between 10-19, with the platform being a little less popular among users aged 20-29. TikTok’s young audience makes it quite challenging to sustain a successful brand presence there. Users are seeking entertainment and marketers must serve their taste to keep up the momentum.

The platform is quite challenging to grow a loyal following. The best thing is to concentrate efforts on the creation of short, entertaining videos. Otherwise, the chances to keep their interest are close to null.

The best course of action

With dozens of social media apps, marketers might feel overwhelmed. The choice of the right communication channel with your audience is a necessary and important step. Before making any decision. Here is how you can maximize results and mitigate risks:

  • get to know your audience and their preferred social media
  • decide how much human and financial resources you have
  • identify which types of content will better serve your goals
  • establish a workflow to produce and publish high-quality content on a regular basis

You can either start with one platform or test a few of them to find which will meet your needs better.

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Ana Lastovetska is a technology writer at MLSDev, a software development company. She has been researching the field of technologies to create educative content on topics like web & mobile app development, UX/UI design, IT & technology, etc. You can get in touch with her on LinkedIn.

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