Here’s A Detailed Guide To Help You Kickstart Your YouTube Career During The Lockdown

Here’s A Detailed Guide To Help You Kickstart Your YouTube Career During The Lockdown

With over 2 billion monthly logged-in viewers, YouTube is the largest video sharing platform and world’s #2 website that has in its list over a third of all internet users.

YouTube makes it possible for even a novice videographer to become the latest internet sensation and earn millions in hard cash.

If YouTube videos are a work of art, this article is there to decode the jargon and simplify the process for you. Read on to discover the secrets of producing best-in-class, attractive, and cost-effective videos that can be popular for all the right reasons.

What Makes YouTube So Popular?

YouTube was launched in May 2005. Eighteen months later, Google acquired the platform. Over time, YouTube’s growth has been phenomenal. The following reasons make it so accessible:

1.    For the most part, YouTube is free.

2.    It has in store near-unlimited hours of video content.

3.    Users watch about 3.25 billion hours of videos every month, according to MerchDope.

4.    YouTube is available in 76 languages and is still growing.

5.    $1,250,000,000 – the amount Google has paid to its rights holders, since 2007.

6.    Creating a channel and uploading videos is more comfortable when compared to many other platforms.

7.    By using a free Youtube converter, you can download audio files and share them on audio-sharing platforms, radio, or other videos.

Steps to Kickstart Your YouTube Career

Creating a channel and uploading videos on YouTube is as easy as 1-2-3. Follow these simple steps to get your first YouTube channel ever:

1.    Create a Google Account.

2.    Visit YouTube and look for the ‘Sign In’ tab on the top-right corner. Register with your Google account.

3.    Open the Settings menu and click on the ‘Create a Channel’ tab.

4.    Once you are through with the name of your channel, you need to select a category.

5.    As soon as your channel gets ready, you can upload videos and promote it through social networking websites.

Things You Should Do to Earn Money From YouTube

To start earning money, you have to activate the monetization feature in your account settings and enlist yourself in the YouTube Partner Program (YPP).

To make yourself a part of the YPP, you need to follow the monetization policies, check your state laws, upload at least 4000 hours of video in one year, enjoy the patronage of 1000 subscribers, and link a Google AdSense account.

Once you are a part of the YPP, you can earn in the following ways:

Advertising Revenue

You can earn from all the video, display, and overlay ads that you upload. Before uploading videos, though, you should take a look at the content guidelines.

Channel Memberships

You can encourage your subscribers to pay you every month to receive exclusive videos and perks.

Merchandise Shelf

You can use the watch pages to showcase your signature merchandise and earn money when your products fly off the shelf.

Super Chat and Super Stickers

You can ask your fans to pay you for highlighting their messages in chats.

YouTube Premium

YouTube Premium allows you to create exclusive content for exclusive members. They pay you for the extra stuff they get from you.

The Top-4 Tips to Draw Audience to Your Channel

While uploading a video on YouTube is the easiest thing you can ever do; drawing a quality audience to your channel is tough. Follow these time-tested tips to make your first video a blockbuster.

1. Prepare a Business Plan

All high-flying Youtubers have one thing in common – they treat video sharing as a serious business. There is nothing called easy money on Youtube, at least till you have carved a niche for your channel.

Instead of making a single viral video and expecting it to make you a superstar, work on the plan to produce a series of videos that can keep your audience glued to the channel.

2. Offer Something Which The Viewers Cannot Find Anywhere Else

There are approximately 31 million channels on YouTube, which users can subscribe to. Take any genre, and you would find at least a million channels are already there, trying to make a mark on the platform. As a Youtuber, you are, in essence, competing with all of them.

To gain leverage, you should offer something extra or unique that the audience cannot get anywhere else. Being an expert in your field, you have to identify what is normal and what is not.

Once you identify the basics, the only things you require is to appeal to the emotions of the audience by giving them something that would make your channel a ‘one of its kind’ channel.

3. Use The Right Camera for Shooting Videos and the Right Software For Editing Your Videos

Although nobody would stop you from using a smartphone to shoot videos or capture pictures to create a collage, almost all standard channels invest in high-quality gadgets to shoot videos or click images. Generally, you would find a professional Youtuber always armed with a DSLR, tripod, audio recording devices, LED lights, lenses, filters, slider, grip gear, and follow focus kits to shoot videos that will garner millions of likes and generate revenue.

Just in case all of these sound too alarming to you at first, worry no more, as the best free slideshow maker can help you create a state of the art video in a matter of minutes.

All you should do is browse thousands of images and videos or upload own images or videos, add text, select colors, add animations and transitions, add effects, and create the video.

The free slideshow maker is one of the best ways to create videos without investment in costly equipment.

4. Research, Watch Influencers and Find Out What Makes Them Popular

Let’s face it – even the best of YouTube influencers were once as ignorant as you. But they studied, observed, found out what works and what doesn’t, filtered the best, incorporated it in their videos, and became famous.

To make the best videos, you have to find out what your viewers want and give them something more than what they expect. The video should be compact, which means that viewers should never feel that the video is spending more time beating around the bush than sharing meaningful content.


Making a career out of YouTube is easy, but you must have a well-defined strategy to take your ideas to the world.

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