Why do brands prefer Instagram over other social media apps?


Social media platforms are popular all around the world and after the launch of smart devices like smartphones and computer systems that are directly connected to the internet, social media platforms have gained even more popularity after the two years of the pandemic (2019-2021) which forced people to stay locked at their homes have attracted people more towards these social media platforms and to a large extent.

Whenever we talk about social media platforms the first and most common name which comes to our mind is Instagram. Instagram is not just popular among individual users and Influencers but also brands. Instagram is mostly preferred by almost every brand when it comes to advertising or marketing on social media. We can not conclude just a single reason when we talk about “why Instagram is preferred by brands over other social media platforms”.

Read further to learn more about the reasons why Instagram is preferred by brands over other social media platforms.

Smartphone Usage


There is no denying the fact that people spend most of their free time on their smartphones. Today the count of the total number of smartphone users around the globe is 6.4 billion. This is the reason why social media platforms are mainly used on smartphones. Studies show that people widely use Instagram through smartphones because Instagram provides the feature of posting content through smartphones and not through a desktop on your web browser.

Instagram also has the name of the second-most popular social media platform with an 84% of engagement rate. The fact that most users surf through their smartphones can not be ignored, brands know that this factor can help them to attract lots of potential customers.

Brand’s reach


Instagram can be considered one of the most interesting social media platforms. Instagram keeps on launching new features consistently to help its users and brands to increase engagement on their particular pages. This is one of the most important reasons why brands prefer Instagram more than any other social media platform.

People may have some questions like why Instagram when social media platforms like Facebook also provide brand marketing on their platform and is even more popular than Instagram. Facebook does have the features of brand marketing but Instagram does it naturally, Instagram smoothly inserts the ads and brand posts in the feed of users.

Exposure to Visual content


It is said and widely believed that a picture can be worth a thousand words. Many brands, Influencers, and marketers prefer the use of visuals to grab the attention of their potential viewers on the platform. Instagram is a platform that has the main focus on pictures and videos both long and short and because of this feature, Instagram is very popular and beneficial for businesses and brands.

According to a recent study, it is believed that images and videos that are posted on Facebook via Instagram are likely to get more engagement than those posted on Facebook directly. Instagram also has several different features like captions and hashtags which can help brands to increase 3X visibility on their posts.

The popularity of Instagram stories


In August 2016 Instagram launched its new and one of the most popular features the date, “Instagram Stories“. This feature was launched with the main intention to tackle the increasing popularity of Snapchat. Instagram stories came up as a revolutionary feature of Instagram, it gained popularity within no time and was considered one of the most useful features of Instagram.

Around 500 million Instagram users post stories on their profiles daily. Instagram stories are the most relevant way to stay connected with your followers and attract them to engage with you. It is a great way for brands to promote the sales of their goods and services, also it is recorded that around 36% of businesses on the platform use Instagram stories for the same.

High Conversions


Conversion can be considered the key part of every business irrespective of your niche or industry. Many Instagram tools like Instagram Downloaders can prove to help boost conversion, and find referral traffic, recommendations, and leads. According to the latest data from Facebook, it has been observed that 83% of users use Instagram to discover the latest products and services. 80% of users decide whether to buy a product or not through Instagram. The rate of conversion on e-commerce on Instagram is around 1.08%. When it comes to brand preference Instagram shines on top.


Whether your business is small or larger, seasonal or versatile it has equal chances to grow on Instagram. Instagram is a social media platform that does almost every possible thing for its users, it tries to make everything easy for its users. It keeps on launching different features which can help the brands to grow on the platform, because of this reason brands prefer Instagram over other social media apps.

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