A Guide to Advancing Your Nursing Career

A Guide to Advancing Your Nursing Career

As a nurse, you likely spend every minute of the working day caring for patients and striving to improve their quality of life. While dedication to the role is key to patient outcomes, it doesn’t need to come at the cost of career advancement.

To develop your skillset, increase your earning potential, and make a bigger difference to the healthcare sector, it might be time to be focus on professional progression. Find out how you can advance your nursing career.

Learn from Veteran Nurses

Every nurse should strive to learn from other medical professionals’ extensive knowledge and experience. To grow in your career and excel in a field, ask a veteran nurse to become your mentor. It is likely they will have encountered almost every situation and obstacle throughout the decades. Plus, they may have earned many diplomas to progress in their career.

By becoming your mentor, they might be able to provide helpful guidance, professional advice, or could boost your confidence. What’s more, they could vouch for you when attempting to advance in a department. Many healthcare facilities also often provide mentorship programs, which could include formal training.

Continue with Your Education

There is nothing wrong with ambition when entering a nursing career. The occupation provides much room for professional advancement, as registered nurses can improve their employment prospects and salary by obtaining a Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN) degree.

It is also possible to complete a Doctor of Nursing Practice (DNP) program to make positive changes in healthcare at a state and national level. For instance, a BSN to DNP FNP program will help hardworking nurses to influence policy, measure healthcare outcomes, and introduce change into a setting. It is the highest credential a nurse can earn and will allow them to improve policy and medical standards.

Have Confidence in Your Ability

Don’t allow a lack of confidence to hold you back from achieving your career goals. After all, nurses have a superb hard work ethic and a considerable amount of passion for healthcare. These qualities could help you to complete a course that could help you to advance in your profession and improve your quality of life. Always believe in yourself and focus on climbing the healthcare ranks.

Join a Professional Nursing Organization/Association

Professional nursing organizations or associations provide their members with many benefits. For instance, you will be able to connect with many passionate, committed, and experienced nursing professionals at different stages of their careers and from different specialties.

Plus, you could receive discounts or direct invitations from continuing education courses or medical conventions. Respected organizations and associations also often provide employment tips to help you flourish in your nursing career.

There are various professional nursing organizations/associations you could join, including:

•    American Nurses Association (ANA)

•    American Academy of Nursing

•    National League for Nursing (NLN)

•    National Student Nurse Association

It is, however, important to note that most professional organizations and associations do require nurses to pay annual fees. The advice, support, and networking opportunities could be an investment in your career.

Express Your Ambition

If your supervisor doesn’t know you’re interested in climbing the nursing ranks, they might fail to consider you when a promotion or a learning opportunity arises. To ensure you are never overlooked, express your ambitions to management so they will think of you should a vacancy open. A quick conversation with your supervisor could shape your career path.

Read Nursing Articles and Blogs

There are many nursing resources available to help nurses to remain informed on developments within a field and the healthcare sector. To gain an in-depth understanding of your profession, identify pitfalls, and learn innovative ideas from experienced professionals, take the time to read nursing blogs and articles online.

Popular nursing resources to follow include:

•    All Nurses

•    Off the Charts

•    Scrubs Mag

•    Nursetopia

It could help you expand your knowledge, change your outlook, and inspire you to make positive changes to your healthcare facility.

Don’t Fear Self-Promotion

To grab the attention of a recruiter or a hiring manager, you must not be afraid of self-promotion. For instance, you should develop a presence on the likes of LinkedIn to showcase your career and academic experience to date. The platform will provide an opportunity to promote your many skills and strengths. As a result, a recruiter might reach out to you with a career opportunity, which could help to achieve your professional goals and increase your earning potential.

You also must articulate your many strengths during a job interview, which you should backup with examples. If you fail to toot your own horn, a hiring manager might make the mistake of hiring another applicant.

You could even raise your profile by publishing informative articles on a personal blog or a respected publication. It will allow you to share your knowledge with others, which could inspire budding healthcare professionals.

Maintain Professionalism

Healthcare settings rely on professional, experienced nurses to improve patient health. A positive reputation in your industry could help you to achieve a promotion while improving trust in your ability.

To always be professional, you must:

•    Show everyone the same level of respect

•    Maintain strict confidentiality

•    Strive to be better

•    Be punctual

•    Make ethical decisions

•    Be honest

•    Have a positive attitude

At the very least, a professional demeanor will allow you to gain the respect of both your colleagues and patients while improving healthcare standards in your existing role.


Nurses never stop learning. Every day they will encounter a new challenge or situation, which can improve their knowledge and experience. If you want to advance in your career, you can continue to do so through achieving qualifications and applying for promotions.

If you feel ready to grow in your career, start looking for opportunities to do so. For example, you could state your ambition to an employer or enroll in a nursing program, such as a Doctor of Nursing Practice course. You also should support your education with mentorship opportunities and by reading various helpful articles online.


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