The Pros and Cons of Email Marketing for Small Businesses

The Pros and Cons of Email Marketing for Small Businesses

Many businesses use email marketing as one of their primary ways of reaching current and potential customers. Email marketing is a marketing strategy that involves sending marketing materials to leads through email. Because of its versatility and low barrier of entry, lots of businesses prefer it to other digital marketing strategies. Whether your business already uses email marketing or if you are trying to find out if it is right for you, there are some pros and cons you should consider. is a great resource for choosing the best email marketing tools for your small business.

Email Marketing Is Very Affordable

Email marketing remains one of the most cost-effective marketing options when compared to other digital marketing strategies. Other strategies like SEO and paid advertisements can get expensive quickly when you need to reach and convert thousands of leads. It is important to remember that there is a small upfront cost that involves building a mailing list and getting your customer relationship management (CRM) systems in place. After that, all you need is the ability to write captivating emails and a small fee for the CRM software you would be using.

Reach as Many People as You Can

If done right, you can reach as many people as you would want with a great email marketing campaign. Other digital marketing strategies often take too long before you reach the number of people you would like. Once you have your mailing list in order, it becomes easy to send the people in your list any marketing material you would like, be it a simple email or even promotional email newsletters.

Email Marketing is Easy to Track

One of the most important things to do during any marketing or advertising campaign is to get the data you need so you can analyze your efforts. With the right tools, it becomes easy to track your campaign and find the right metrics to see if your efforts are paying off. For example, data about clicks, open rates, and conversion rates are right there for you to analyze and get insights from. This ability to track your emails and get data associated with them becomes a potent source of information on what you are doing right and what you need to tweak for an even more successful marketing campaign.

Personalization and Segmentation

For your marketing campaign to have the impact you would like it to, you need to reach the right people – people who are much more likely to respond to what you are saying. Email marketing makes it easy to do this through segmentation. Segmentation lets you send targeted emails to different segments of your contacts. These segments include people with the same qualities such as men, women, people in a certain age bracket, or people who exhibit certain purchase behaviors.

Once you have your segments, you can then use email marketing tools to personalize your emails. This includes adding things like first and last names to your email’s salutations or even offering discounts, coupon codes, and promotions that are specific to a single person or segment.

Email Marketing Is Very Effective

A huge advantage of using email marketing is that people have everything they need to start or continue the buying process. If they need certain products, you can add that to an email and direct people from the email to specific products or categories of products. The call to action is always in front of them and available so that there are no extra steps involved in the buying process. Studies have shown making things this easy helps improve conversion rates and can even increase sales.

Emails are also very effective follow-up tools post-purchase. On the follow-up email, you can upsell products – sparingly so as not to seem too pushy – or even collect feedback about the buying process so you can optimize and streamline it further.

Email Market Can Go Further Than You Anticipated

Emails are shareable. It is easy for people to forward your email to other potential customers if they like what they see. This means that your email marketing will go further through word-of-mouth, viral marketing, and email forwards.

Your Emails Could be Marked as Spam

With how many emails we receive every day, it is easy to understand why many people use spam filters. Your email can get filtered out as spam, and your customers might never see it. Another problem is low open and conversation rates if people do not open your email thinking it is spam.However, if your emails are highly targeted and offer helpful information, you do not have to worry about this.

Your Emails Might Not Be Reaching the Right Audience

A huge problem with email marketing is that you might have a huge contact or mailing list with a majority of the people on those lists unlikely to become customers. A good way to rectify this is to go through your email campaigns every month and find people who have opened none of your emails in, say, 30 days. Remove those people from your list to keep it lean. Doing this also makes it easier to personalize the emails you send out and to segment the people on your contacts and mailing lists.

Some Emails Might Be Unsuitable for Mobile Users

A major problem you might have to contend with is email design. This is a problem because you have to design emails that work well on mobile devices. These emails have to be responsive and the files used on the emails, such as images, must be light enough to download fast on mobile devices.

It Can Require a Lot of Work

Email campaigns must constantly provide value and content that your contacts will enjoy. This means you have to keep your campaign up to date, so your emails remain relevant and fresh. This can be a lot of work, especially for small businesses that have smaller marketing teams.

As with any digital marketing strategy, there are both pros and cons of using email marketing. However, email marketing is a very affordable way of reaching the right people at the right time. Once you consider the pros and cons, you will see that email marketing can be an effective marketing strategy for your business. The only thing left after that is finding ways to overcome its drawbacks.


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