The Stress-Free Guide To Cutting Costs When Travelling Abroad

The Stress-Free Guide To Cutting Costs When Travelling Abroad

If you thought that travelling abroad was expensive, you can think again! We have compiled a stress-free guide to cutting costs when travelling overseas, so you can just focus on having a good time! Make sure that you arrange your EHIC application in advance to ensure that you are covered whilst you are abroad, then follow our guide to save as much money as you can when travelling.

Volunteer Abroad

There are many countries in Europe that have volunteer schemes to help out with the community and the planet. Due to the multiple schemes in place, you can find one that you feel passionate about and works for you. Despite having to sometimes pay to join the volunteer programme, the scheme will usually cover your meals, accommodation and other costs. Therefore, not only can you save money, but you can do a good thing for the community of the country too.

Get A Part Time Job

Before you travel abroad, it’s advised that you look into some part time jobs. Send your CV over and organise some interviews for when you arrive, so you can start earning as soon as possible. Having a part time job will help to fill in the gaps for your finances, as well as add some great experience to your CV! What’s more, you will spend a lot of time with the locals, allowing you to pick up the language quicker.

Stay With Relatives

If you have relatives that live in the county you’re visiting, to save extra money on accommodation that is normally very expensive, opt for staying with your relatives. Not only can you save money, but you can spend time with relatives that you don’t normally get to spend much time with.

Choose All Inclusive Packages

All-inclusive packages are great if you don’t want to spend much money whilst you’re abroad. From accommodation to travel, to transfers, meals and sometimes even activities, you don’t have to go elsewhere for anything else. What’s more, food is usually available throughout the day, so you can have a snack or a drink whenever you want to.

Travel During Off Peak Times

Prices can go through the roof during peak times, which is why you should always try to travel during off peak times if you are looking for a deal. Flights, trains and accommodation can be very cheap in Europe if you book during these times. We suggest that you do plenty of research to find the best deals and destination, for the most cost-effective travel.

Travel With Friends

Travelling abroad with friends is not only full of fun and allows you to make great memories with your closest friends, but it can also help you to save money too. When you travel you can share the costs for accommodation, car rentals, activities and food. So, get together with your friends and get planning!

As you can see, there are a number of stress-freeways to cut costs when you travel abroad. Do plenty of research and planning ahead and you can save plenty of money and make some amazing memories! Happy travelling!



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