What Are Your Treatment Options for Liver Cancer?

What Are Your Treatment Options for Liver Cancer?

Hundreds of thousands of people worldwide are diagnosed with cancer each year. Cancer is a disease in which some of the cells in the body start to grow uncontrollably before spreading to other parts of the body. This disease can start almost anywhere in the body, including the brain, the kidneys, and the colon; however, the most common form of cancer is liver cancer.

While it’s unclear why liver cancer is so common, scientists believe some things can increase your chances of getting it. These include being over 85 years of age, being a man, having certain medical conditions such as diabetes and liver cirrhosis, and having a family member with the disease.

Being diagnosed with liver cancer is never nice. However, thankfully, statistics show that survival rates for this disease are on the increase. And that’s not all; there are several treatments available to people with this condition. If you’ve been diagnosed with liver cancer, here are some treatment options available to you:

1. Surgery to Remove the Cancer

While surgery is a fantastic way to remove cancer from the liver, it is not available to everyone. Whether you’re allowed surgery will depend on the location of the cancer and the size of it. However, if your surgeon does suggest surgery, don’t worry. This is one of the easiest ways to remove cancer from your body. During the operation, your doctor will remove the cancer and a small proportion of healthy liver tissues surrounding the tumor. This will help reduce the chances of the cancer returning.

2. A Liver Transplant

Another type of treatment you may be offered if you are diagnosed with liver cancer is a liver transplant. During this type of surgery, your cancerous liver is removed and replaced with a healthy liver from a donor. However, very few people can have this type of surgery. If your cancer is not in the early stages, you will not be offered this treatment option.

3. Chemotherapy

Almost all of us have heard of chemotherapy. Chemotherapy uses drugs to rapidly kill growing cells inside the body, including cancer cells. This type of treatment can be administered through a vein in your arm, in pill form, or both. If you have been diagnosed with advanced liver cancer, then this is the treatment you are likely to receive.

4. Radiotherapy

Many people get chemotherapy and radiotherapy mixed up. Unlike chemotherapy which involves ingesting drugs, radiotherapy uses high-powered energy from sources such as protons and X-rays to destroy cancer cells or shrink tumors. This treatment option may be available if you have exhausted all other options.

5. Immunotherapy

Immunotherapy uses your immune system to fight cancer. If you have advanced-stage cancer, you may be able to have this treatment.

6. Targeted Drug Therapy

Over the last few years, we’ve seen several developments in cancer research and treatments, including the research into the 7860 renal cell tumor, which is used as a model for kidney research. Another exciting advancement we have seen is in targeted drug therapy. This type of therapy focuses on specific abnormalities present within cancer cells. Targeted drug therapies block these abnormalities, which then causes the cancer cells to die. Although relatively new, this type of treatment is an excellent option for people with advanced liver cancer.

Being diagnosed with cancer can be devastating; however, the good news is that almost all cancers can be treated and managed or even cured. If you’ve recently been diagnosed with liver cancer, ensure you understand all of the treatment options available before talking them through with your doctor. This will help ensure you find the right treatment for you.



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