Things to Consider Apart from Prices on Solar Panels

Things to Consider Apart from Prices on Solar Panels

Whether we buy clothes, footwear, or even gadgets, one of the first things most of us consider is the product’s price. And while it is a key factor, it is not always as crucial, especially when you’re planning to invest in solar panels. This is because focusing solely on the price can make you miss out on important features that affect the PV panels’ efficiency, performance, and service life.

Thus, to help you make the right decision, this quick yet comprehensive guide will shed light on everything you need to evaluate besides the prices on solar panels. Let’s get started!

1. The Type of Solar Panels

Before you start exploring the prices on solar panels, the first step is to choose one of the two variants, namely Polycrystalline and Monocrystalline. Polycrystalline PV panels have been in use for decades, offer medium-high efficiency, and are budget-friendly. On the other hand, Monocrystalline PV panels are manufactured using the latest technology and provide high efficiency; however, they are also slightly expensive compared to their counterparts. Therefore, you need to choose one based on your everyday power requirements. Another highly efficient solar technology is the Mono PERC half-cut solar panel technology made of solar cells cut in half to improve the durability and performance of solar modules and take it up by a notch.

2. The Capacity of the PV Panels

The next thing you need to evaluate is the solar panels’ capacity, which is also sometimes referred to as the size. The capacity is measured in Wattage (Wp) and the higher it is, the more electricity the PV panels can generate throughout the day. And even though it makes sense to opt for high-capacity panels, the choice should be based on your individual or household needs. For instance, if you only wish to use solar power for backup, buying high-capacity modules might not be necessary.

3. Compliance with Safety Standards

When comparing prices on solar panels, it is crucial to check if the product is compliant with the safety standards. You can do so by ensuring that the photovoltaic (PV) panels are MNRE and IEC compliant, as these are the minimum requirements set by the Indian government. This is an important point to remember, especially for households with infants, pets, and senior individuals. Additionally, make sure that the panels have been optically, mechanically, and electrically tested so there is little to no risk of safety hazards.

4. Availability of Additional Features

Today, all solar panels come equipped with new and innovative features, but it is essential to know which ones you should consider. Some of these include PID resistance technology, advanced EVA encapsulation, enhanced low-light performance, weather resilience, high conversion efficiency, anti-reflective coating, and high torsion resistance. All these features ensure that the panels work efficiently while providing maximum protection. And while you don’t necessarily need all of them, the more you get, the better.

5. Warranty Period and Brand

The last two things you need to look for apart from prices on solar panels are the warranty period and the brand. Although the product’s warranty varies from one manufacturer to another, the standard duration ranges anywhere between 10 to 12 years. So, when you buy solar panels, be sure to check the warranty coverage. Similarly, you must also go for a trusted and reputable brand as buying poorly built panels can result in additional expenses down the line. Plus, this also ensures that you only invest your hard-earned money in high-quality and high-performance PV panels.

If you’re on the lookout for one of India’s best brands for solar products, you must check out Luminous’ collection. Luminous offers an extensive range of efficient and top-quality solar PV panels that are compliant with safety standards and are also loaded with all the features as discussed above. Even better, you get affordable prices on solar panels, and you won’t end up shredding your pockets too much!

So, what are you waiting for? Explore Luminous’ website today and start comparing prices on solar panels!



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