Tips for Class 12 Students to Score High Marks in Biology

Tips for Class 12 Students to Score High Marks in Biology

For aspiring medical students, Biology is the most important subject. The CBSE 12th grade Biology curriculum is extensive and it is difficult for students to complete the entire curriculum on time and have some time to practice and review. This can only be achieved if you plan your studies properly.

NCERT : One of the best textbooks for a biology student to get all the solutions.

Biology seems easy, but it can be difficult at times. The National Council for Education and Training (NCERT) has established a curriculum for schools that follow the Central Council for Secondary Education (CBSE). NCERT books for Class 12th Biology are provided to help students answer the questions correctly, using a logical approach and methodology. The solutions offer a lot of material so that students can build a good foundation with the fundamentals of the subject.

NCERT books for class 12th Biology are mandated by CBSE as the best books for school readiness and board exams. Textbooks are considered to be more than adequate without support for other refresher courses. The solutions have been developed with the language and simplicity of the NCERT textbook explanations in mind. NCERT textbooks are known to play a huge role in JEE and NEET, not just in school and school tests.

CBSE Grade 12 Biology Prep Tips

Here we provide CBSE Grade 12 Biology Prep Tips to help students structure their studies effectively.

1) Familiarize yourself with the Biology Exam Pattern

First, it is extremely important to understand the draft CBSE Class 12 Biology document. The board publishes the pattern each year to help students become familiar with the pattern and prepare accordingly. Knowing the pattern also helps save significant time when testing.

2) Complete the basics and stick with the program

Although the board exam offers options, the option-based questions are mostly from the same unit. Therefore, students should thoroughly prepare the entire syllabus and make sure to address each topic on the exam. The questions are formulated from the study program, so it is recommended to limit yourself to the study program for the preparation of the exam before a committee. For the full CBSE curriculum, visit the CBSE Grade 12 Biology Curriculum and see if all topics are covered by students.

 3) Be familiar with key graphics and terminology

Biology is one of the most theoretical and conceptual subjects among the other science subjects. Students must be familiar with important terminology. In addition to terms and their definitions, the Biology paper contains several questions related to diagrams. Students can use flashcards to memorize and review key definitions and diagrams before the test. Also, they need to practice the diagrams many times in order to quickly draw the diagrams on the exam.

4) Solve Past Assignments and Sample Assignments

Students must solve previous year’s assignments and CBSE Grade 12 Biology sample assignments to understand the nature and pattern of the questions. Solving multiple questions gives them enough practice to tackle each type of test question. Students could also finish work in the allotted time. Quiz practice helps students know how well prepared they are for the actual exam. They get to know their strengths and weaknesses. Working on them improves your performance on the exam.

5) Correct review, especially important issues

The last days before the examination before a committee should be devoted primarily to review. Through the regular review, all important points are preserved and concepts can be effectively memorized during the exam. So check the chapter and diagrams correctly now. It is also recommended that more attention be paid to the important issues that carry the most weight.

These were some of the tips to prepare for the Biology exam. In addition to these preparation tips, below are also some effective exam strategies to help with last-minute preparation for the 12th-grade Biology exam.

Strategies for Attempting  CBSE Grade 12 Biology Exam

Response Presentation Strategies for students:

Carefully write and draw the diagrams with a sharp pencil.

Use a ruler to label the diagram. It is recommended that you label the diagrams on the right side of the paper.

Underline the important keywords and phrases in the answer:

Start new sections on a new page.

Add diagrams even if the question does not contain any information (especially for questions with 3, 4, and 5 points). 4,444 students were asked to review the  PDF of the solution published by CBSE for the previous year’s Biology article. This will help students understand answer writing skills and grading.

Time-Management Strategies for students:

  •  Complete Section A in 25 minutes as questions are answered very briefly.
  •  Section B should take 40 minutes as there are 7 questions.
  •  Section C has 12 questions and therefore must be completed in one hour.
  • Section D has long answered questions and it should not take more than 45 minutes to complete this section.
  •  Please use the last 10-15 minutes to review and verify that all questions have been answered correctly.


To summarize, the techniques of mind maps, short notes, flashcards, watching, and reading illustrations is the key to achieve high marks in the Class12 Biology examination for every student.  Solving past or previous years’ papers, getting the batchmates to quiz each other on the chapters is another great way of revision. All these revision practices will give the students an idea as to where they stand and find themselves an honest opinion on what they need to focus on at that point in time. The above-mentioned tips and tricks will surely be helpful for Biology students of Class 12th. It will definitely give the students an insight into how to read and learn Biology NCERT and thus score good marks in their exams. One must keep track of the syllabus and study at least one hour every day keeping in mind the strategies, time management skills, and tips mentioned above. Students must not keep these tips and strategies just to themselves, instead share them with their fellow classmates and people pursuing courses in the field of medicine. Good luck with your exams!

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