Many students have the questions like NCERT is enough for the preparation for class 11th examination. The simple answer to this question is yes, because NCERT is enough for the preparation for examination because it contains all the syllabus recommended by the CBSE.

As in class 11th, students start preparing for the competitive exams and the board examinations, and are in search of the books that are useful in all the examinations. For both the examinations, the NCERT book is the best way to start the preparation for the new journey.

As we know, class 11th covers all the fundamentals of class 12th, and NCERT books satisfy all the conditions of the CBSE and students.


  • It is strictly based on the syllabus of CBSE.
  • All the concepts are excellently elaborated in the NCERT books.
  • All the content is in simple language that helps the students understand the topics clearly.
  • Covers all the questions that are important for the examinations.
  • All the keywords and definitions are elaborated clearly.
  • The NCERT books are written and edited by scholars of reputed college and university professors.
  • NCERT books are designed in such a way that students can understand the topics easily.
  • All the NCERT books of class 11th are available online so that any student can access  them easily
  • NCERT books are not only useful in the school examination but also helpful in the preparation of the competitive examinations also.


  • NCERT books are strictly based on the syllabus of CBSE. This is the most useful advantage for the students to use the NCERT. Many other books do not cover all the syllabus recommended by the CBSE. Students can use NCERT books for the preparation of schools exams as well as the competitive examinations.
  • NCERT books are in simple and understandable language that helps the students to understand the concepts easily. In these books, the given examples are relevant to every topic. These examples help the students connect these examples from the everyday life
  • In NCERT books the examples given in the book are live. That makes the students get aware of the things that are going on in the living world. It contains all the history related to every topic that gives the idea of what are the things going in the past and what new concepts are added with the promotion in the world.
  • As the students in the class 11th are preparing for the competitive exams for their future career, and students are fond of the book which clear all the fundamentals of the related topics. For this, NCERT books are the best study material for the class 11th students to clear the fundamentals, as it starts the content with the basic concepts of every topic.
  • All the topics in the NCERT cover all the possibilities that are related to every chapter. So the students can use the NCERT books for clearing their doubts and understand the concepts clearly. This is the most useful advantage for the student of class 11th for the preparation of any examinations.
  • In the NCERT books, there are many questions related to every chapter for practising. These questions are important from an exam point of view. Students can do these questions for the preparation of examinations and making the concepts clear. Practising these questions makes the quick revision of every topic.
  • In the NCERT books, the activities are given for every topic, these activities are related to give examples of the concepts. Performing these activities in the classes helps the students to understand the basic concepts related to every topic. All these activities are simple and students can perform easily in classes.
  • The NCERT books are easily available online and any student can easily access these books anytime for preparation. Any other books are not available easily online.
  • The NCERT books are prepared by taking care of the intelligence level of the students of that age. The content available in the book is simple to moderate so that any student can prepare from this book for scoring high in the examinations.
  • NCERT books offer the deep knowledge of the topics in an easy and simple format. Many topics are in the format of flowchart which helps the students to understand the topics easily. Remembering the flowcharts makes the concepts easy to understand.
  • Many questions in the NCERT book have a high probability to come in the exams. NCERT questions are straight to the point and helps in scoring the high grades in the examinations.
  • Doing the revision is very simple from the NCERT books as compared to any other reference books, as the topics in the NCERT books are straight forward, crisped and covers all the important terms in the same. At the end of every chapter the summary is given, in which all the important formulas, equations are given there for quick revision.
  • Class 11th NCERT books saves time for preparation. Many times students change the books to get the good content for the preparation, and they change many books to do so, it becomes a hectic task for the students to recall which book they prepared from which book, this wastes the time for the preparation. The NCERT book contains good and useful content for the preparation of the examination. So that the NCERT saves time for preparation.


Class 11th NCERT books have uncountable advantages for the students of class 11th to prepare for the examinations. NCERT books are easily available online as well as offline. The NCERT books cover all the content and the most important feature of NCERT books is that they are in simple language and elaborate the topics excellently. Students can also prepare for the competitive exams from the NCERT books.

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