Must know things before and during your NEET preparation

Must know things  before and during your NEET preparation

Cracking the NEET – National Eligibility cum entrance test is the dream of many medical aspirants. Every year students around 15-20 lakhs of students appear for the NEET. But how could only some stand in the list of top 10 and 100? Though everyone works hard to give their best in the exam, not all can be able to top in the exam. Some students might even remark the toppers as “born with intelligence”. But to be honest, any student can become a topper if they prepare in the right way.

Students most probably start their preparation for NEET  before or in their class 12. Some might even start in their class 11. It is actually a good thing to start the preparation early. So that aspirants might get more time in preparing for the NEET exam. Many might ponder on the question “How to start”.  So, this article discusses that question.

Must know these things before starting NEET preparation:

NEET syllabus: Before going to start the preparation for the exams like NEET, it is important to go through the syllabus thoroughly. Students must take their time in looking into the syllabus. Many students might think it can waste their time. Nevertheless, it can aid you in increasing the score unknowingly.  Since NEET has 4 main subjects, students must be aware of the syllabus of each subject back to front.

Question paper pattern: The second thing that you must know is that the question paper pattern. The national testing agency(NTA) has recently revised the question paper pattern of NEET. According to that, the question paper consists of 4 subjects i.e. Physics, Chemistry, Botany, Zoology.

  • Each subject carries 180 marks making the total of NEET paper into 720 marks
  • Each subject has two sections i.e. Section-A and Section-B
  • Section-A has 35 questions and carries 140 marks
  • Section-B has 15 questions and carries 40 marks
  • No choice will be given in section -A
  • In section B, students can attempt 10 out of 15 questions
  • Each question carries 4 marks
  • There is a negative marking. Each wrong answer deducts 1 mark.

Reliable books: To get the top score, the best study sources are needed. When it comes to the question of the most dependable sources for the preparation, then NCERT’s are the answer. In the NCERT books, even the complex concept can be explained in a very simple and understandable manner. This is the best advantage of preparing NCERT books. Even the toppers of NEET in past years have advised this as a strategy for their success. Along with NCERT, standard books on physics, chemistry, and biology are also considered to be reliable for preparation.

Introspect on your strong subjects and weak subjects: Not Everyone can be good in all the subjects. There can be some strong and weak subjects for everyone. So, before starting your preparation for NEET, introspect yourself to know your strong and weak subjects. This introspection can get you a clear idea of planning your study routine. Since you know your weak subject, you can give more time to that particular subject in your daily study routine.

Once you got familiar with these things, then you are half done.

Must know things during the NEET preparation:

Imagine you are going to a particular destination. There are many ways to go for it. The first way has a good road and nothing more. The second way also has a good road with all the signs that tell you are going on the right way. Now, Which way you would like to go? Indeed the second way because that way can help you to reach your destination easily compared to the first way. So, the particular destination is NEET. Now, what can be the signs that can tell you are doing the right in preparation. Below can be considered as those signs.

  • Solve the sample papers: Solving NEET sample papers can keep your preparation in check. By solving the sample papers, you can contemplate on which step you stood in your preparation phase. Once you are done with a chapter on a subject, solve the questions in the sample papers on that particular topic. If you are comfortable in solving the questions, then you can move on to the other topic.
  • Attempt mock tests: Attmting mock tests can give you a real-time experience of attempting the NEET exam. Like solving the sample papers, mock tests can also help you to contemplate your preparation every time.
  • Revision must go side by side with new chapters: Spending every day learning new chapters in every subject is not a good idea. Students must also focus their time on revising the completed chapters. This must be practiced from the initial stages of your preparation only.
  • Motivate yourself: The preparation phase of a NEET is like a marathon. You must run and run until you reach your destination. It is common for students to get demotivated during their preparation phase. So, it is always important for aspirants to push themselves towards their ultimate goal of cracking the NEET with a top score.
  • Consistency is key to success: NEET is not a one-day thing to achieve. It takes months and years time. Some students prepare for a week devotedly and start to distract in their next week. Since lakhs of students appears for the exam,  it is not easy for the students to reach the top 100 or even the top 500. So, Consistent efforts are required to crack the NEET with the best scores.

Conclusion:  Becoming a doctor is every NEET aspirant’s dream. Students, to make their dream come true, must use their preparation time optimally. Though it is not an easy task, the right preparation in the right way can surely get you the desired results. In conclusion, though knowing syllabus, question paper pattern, important books, strong and weak subjects may seem to be small things but those things can make a lot of difference in reality. That even applies to the things like solving sample papers, attempting mock tests, revising the chapters, etc.

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