Top 5 Car Parking Lot Management Tips

Top 5 Car Parking Lot Management Tips

What’s the first impression your customers get when approaching your parking lot? Is it clean or dirty? Does it create a great impression, or is it a huge turnoff even for potential customers? Keep in mind that your parking lot management plan can make or break your business. Even when you have superior car park solutions, improper management will definitely lead to failure. Here are the top tips to help you manage your parking lot.

1.    Check the entry and exit lanes regularly.

Exit and entry lanes are important control points for your parking lot’s operation. Each vehicle entering or exiting this facility must have the right access card, ticket, or permit. Some car parking management departments ignore this requirement. Unless you want an attendant to allow entry or exit without the necessary transaction, it is important to ensure your entry and exit lanes are in the right working condition.

Make sure the equipment cabinets are closed. If you ever find an open cabinet, be sure to discuss the issue with the parking facility attendant. Remember, only the parking lot supervisor or manager should access their equipment cabinet keys.

2.    Proper housekeeping

Basically, the parking facility should be inspected on a routine basis. All forms of rubbish should be collected throughout the facility, and spots with excessive oil cleaned. It is recommended to inspect the facility every morning to ensure that the entire parking space is clean.

If there are stairwells or elevators, make sure they are working perfectly. Generally, making sure your parking lot is clean is one way of retaining the current customers and attracting new ones. After all, no one wants to pack their previous car in a dirty space.

3.    Ensure proper lighting

Studies show that lightning influences one’s perception of safety and security in a facility. Throughout your parking lot, ensure that anyone can see easily and feel safe. Poor lighting in a facility is an indication of improper facility management.

4.    Prevent water damage

Whether you believe it or not, water is the source of life and can also be a destructive force, especially to your parking lot structure. Stagnant water can easily see through the concrete and eventually corrode the metallic rebar. With time, the rebar will start to corrode and force the concrete base to expand and start cracking. This is the leading cause of most small potholes found in parking lots.

5.    Perform internal audits frequently.

Parking lot management is more than just making sure that the parking space is clean and all pieces of equipment are working properly. It would be best if you audited your employees from time to time. Additionally, you must know what happened in your facility every day. Ask the parking lot manager or supervisor to provide various copies of all internal audits performed in the facility.

The car parking lot business isn’t different from all other types of businesses. Therefore, improper management could lead to failure, and this is something that you don’t want.



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