Transportation of Valuables Items

Transportation of Valuables Items

Whether you move within the state or cross-state, you need to care for valuable items during transportation. Transporting valuable items can be worrisome, but you can make it easy by taking the proper measures. By hiring a professional moving company, you can protect your property and valuable items from damage.

Professional companies can help you get peace of mind along with saving some money. So, if you’re not sure about how to transport valuable items safely, then this guide is for you.

Useful Tips for Transportation of Valuable Items

The following tips can prevent your expensive and valuable items from getting damaged.

Choose the Right Company

Nowadays, there are unlimited moving companies, so it’s not an issue to hire a moving company, but if you want to hire a reliable moving company, you need to do research. Most companies are scams. They will take the money and disappear. Get recommendations from friends and family members. Check reviews and ask the company for references.

Check the prices and services they offer. You can get quotes from multiple companies and then compare them. Look for the insurance and transportation options they have. So, choosing the right company is the first step for transportation of valuable items. If you fail to choose the right moving company, your entire moving process will be affected badly.

Create a List of All Your Belongings

When creating a list of items, add everything, including the smaller ones. Put the valuable ones at the top and define their value as well. Once you create a list, it’s time to configure how to handle these valuable items.

Note down all the instructions for handling these items. The best way to transport valuable items safely is to create a moving list and ensure that you follow it till the end. It will be time taking process, but it can help you protect your expensive items from damage.


It’s the most crucial part of the moving process. It becomes more critical when it comes to packing valuable items. For example, you need wooden crates for artwork and paintings and ensure that you add Styrofoam as a buffer between items. If you don’t have a tight budget, choose the full service moving because they can do packing professionally.

You can monitor the work crew when they pack your belongings. If you feel they’re not packing according to your requirements, you can ask for changes. You can hire a company dedicated to packing items. But it’s not recommended because it can cost you more than the full service moving companies.

Secure the Items on the Moving Vehicle

When you hire a professional company, they secure the items on the moving vehicle. They do this by using chains, ropes, and cables. Professionals know how to deal with these valuable items. On the other hand, if you’re doing it yourself, you must understand how to protect items from falling off.

Ensure that the items inside the box are secured properly. Use hard boxes so that they can resist against ropes. Otherwise, the boxes will tear off while securing them. Ask the driver to drive the vehicle slowly because too many jumps can loosen the items, and they can even fall from the vehicle.

Declare the Value of Items

When you fill the form, there is a section where you can tell the actual cost of your items. For example, for a refrigerator, you need to mention the market value instead of the purchased value. In the case of painting, you’ll have to call appraisal to confirm the official value of that painting.

If you’re not sure about the price of any of the valuable items, ensure that you call the relevant person to get the cost estimate. It will help you a lot if the items are lost or damaged during the move.

Prepare the Required Documentation

The documentation is necessary, especially if you’re moving to another country. You need to declare ownership of your valuable items and get them cleared from customs. Moreover, your package should be properly packed.

Cross border moves usually require more than one means of transport. For example, the items will be loaded on the truck before they’re loaded into the plane. The documentation can help if something is missing after reaching a new location.


You can get the standard insurance coverage for normal household items, but you need additional coverage for valuable items. It’s necessary to ensure that the moving company compensates for the losses if anything is damaged. Insurance always gives you peace of mind and some sense of security that your items are safe.

Extra Tips for Safe Transportation of Valuable Items

If you follow the tips mentioned above, you can make your move safe and protect your expensive items from damage. Some additional tips for safe transit are given below:

  • Pack items in such a way that they don’t occupy much space
  • When packing valuable items, use color markers to distinguish them from others
  • Use thick bubble nylons or glass wool to secure valuable items
  • Keep the packed items in a safe place
  • Ensure that the moving vehicle is big enough to carry all your items
  • Put bulky boxes in the vehicle first and then put the boxes with valuable items on top
  • Ensure that heavy boxes don’t fall on boxes containing valuable items during the move
  • Get different insurances coverage for inexpensive and valuable items
  • If you have hired movers for transportation, ensure that you check the safety of packages yourself

Final Words

Moving valuable items yourself can be a risky and challenging task. Lots of planning, time, and money is required to ensure that everything is moved safely. The best approach is to hire a professional moving company for transporting your valuable items. Don’t put your valuable items at risk; hire the movers, and let the professionals do this task for you.



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