What Does a Paystub Look Like?

What Does a Paystub Look Like?

Let’s be honest, when you get paid, you’re probably really interested in the amount that gets put in your account or how much the teller will hand you when you cash this check?

You may not have taken the time or interest to really study your paystub. Most people don’t spend much time thinking about what a paystub looks like.

Your employer does because they know they need to provide important payday information to you on the stub. Read on to learn more about how a paystub might look when you get it.

What Is a Paystub?

A paystub is a piece of paper attached to your pay that provides vital information about your pay. Some people might refer to the paystub as:

  • Payment statement
  • Payslip
  • Wage statement

You should note a paystub is different from your actual paycheck. The rules vary by state. In some states, it’s required to provide a physical paystub. Other states allow for either a paper or online version.

If your employer provides you with a direct deposit, you might get a paystub and a copy of a check that was deposited directly into your account. If you get an actual check for pay, often the paystub is attached to the paycheck.

What Information Do You Get on a Paystub?

Think of your paystub like a mini W-2 form for the pay period you’ve just been paid for. The paystub should provide all the information about your pay, what you receive in actual take-home pay and what has been withheld.

Typically, the paystub will show your personal information at the top and your employer’s information, including their employer identification number. Paystubs will also show:

  • Employee’s pay
  • Benefit withholdings
  • Tax withholdings
  • Wage information

Some employers include information about earned sick or vacation time. They might also include information about company retirement withholdings for a pension or 401k.

What Does a Paystub Look Like?

When you look at a paystub, it should be obvious you’re not looking at an actual paycheck. A paycheck shows lines running horizontally, identifying who is being paid and by whom.

Paystubs look more like organized charts. They often have columns of information on them.

For example, the paystub might have a column titled deductions. Then below deductions, it shows what was taken from your check and for what purpose in deductions.

Often paystubs will have a column next to this showing the year-to-date information. So, you can see the deductions that were sent in federal taxes for this pay and how much you’ve up to that point too.

Types of Paystubs

The types of paystubs employers commonly use will depend on how they provide you with information.

Many employers opt to work with a paystub company and then use a paystub maker to enter the information right from the computer.

Some paystubs get attached to a paycheck, while others are a separate piece of paper.

Some paystubs are available in company portals and appear like they would on paper but in digital format.

Know What to Expect from Your Paystub

If you’re wondering what a paystub looks like, be sure the next time you get paid to pull yours out and take a closer look. It provides important information about where your hard-earned pay goes.

Get started making a paystub for your employees!.

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