What Does an Auto Transport Company Do?

What Does an Auto Transport Company Do?

There are two ways to get your vehicle from point A to point B. The most logical way is to physically drive the car from one location to another. While that’s the most straightforward solution to your auto transportation needs, it’s not always the best option.

Depending on the distance between your starting point and the final destination, driving the vehicle is going to cost time and money. It also creates additional wear-and-tear, which will forcibly lower your vehicle’s resale price. If the car needs to travel overseas, driving the vehicle yourself is completely out of the question.

If you’ve decided against the self-transport method, the second option would be enlisting the services of an auto transport company like Guardian Auto Transport (www.guardianautotransport.com). For a specified fee, an auto transport company will safely deliver your car to a destination of your choosing.

No one would expect you to entrust your vehicle to another party that wasn’t willing to promise complete transparency from start to finish. To that end, we would like to share with you precisely what auto transport companies do and how they do it, so you don’t feel like you’re wandering in the dark, looking for answers.

What does an auto transport company do?

There are several reasons why someone might need help moving their vehicle from one place to another. They might be relocating for work, transporting the car for a business-related matter, or they may be planning their extended vacation. Regardless of the motive behind shipping their car, using a transport company is a sensible alternative to self-transport.

Let’s say you are moving after retirement. Your move is taking you from the East Coast to the West Coast. You have your fair share of ores in the fire and don’t feel up to driving your car to its new home, which is entirely understandable. Maybe, you’re focusing your efforts on buying a new home at your destination-of-choice and don’t have time to spend on a four or five-day road trip. Regardless of your reasoning, an auto transport company can streamline the process and lift the burden from your shoulders.

When the time comes, you might decide to hire an auto transport company to oversee your vehicle’s shipment. Before contacting the auto transport company, they’ll inquire about your starting location, your final destination, information about the car (make, model, etc.), and any special instructions that warrant consideration.

If both options are available, you might have to choose between open-air transport and transport in a closed container. The open-air option is usually more practical and affordable. However, if you want to guarantee the optimum protection of your vehicle, the closed container option would be well worth the higher price tag.

Based on the information the company receives, they will issue a quote for their services. Should you agree to the terms and sign the contract, the ball will be in the transport company’s court. As a next step, this shipping provider should assign a driver and coordinate a team to inspect the vehicle before departure.

How the actual transport process works

At the agreed-upon time and location, the transport company will send a representative to pick-up your car. In most cases, the trailer that travels directly to your home will be the same transport vehicle that will be making the final delivery. If not, it would likely be an auto carrier the transport company has contracted to pick-up your car and deliver it to them personally.

Once the vehicle is in their possession, your car is protected through the liability clause in the contract you signed. Be sure to review the provisions of this liability clause with a fine-tooth comb, as the insurance provider may not cover certain damages sustained during transport.

Note: If the transport company has contracted to deliver a vehicle over a long distance, they will likely load other cars in the same trailer. In such cases, they will schedule delivery when they have a full load. If they anticipate it taking more than a day or two to book enough clients to fill an open-air or enclosed trailer, the vehicle will be warehoused in a safe and secure location. It will stay there until it’s time for the transport company to depart on their cross-country journey.

While in transit, you should be able to track where your car is daily. When the vehicle finally arrives at its final destination, your or an authorized representative will need to be present to sign the necessary paperwork and inspect the car for damages. If you can’t personally receive the car on the designated drop-off date, you risk assuming liability for any damages the shipping company could have averted.

You can relax

Shipping your vehicle can be a nerve-racking experience. However, you should be able to give your trust to your auto transport company of choice. A reliable company will hire and train the best employees in the industry.

Generally speaking, all transport employees should understand the importance and value of a vehicle to its owner. Since the car has ample insurance protection through your policy and theirs, you should sit back, relax, and let the transport company do their job. Don’t lose sleep over the what-ifs. Instead, conduct adequate research before purchase to ensure your car shipping provider is deserving of your trust.



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