Winter 2024 Unveiled: Discover the Latest Shopify Innovations

Winter 2024 Unveiled: Discover the Latest Shopify Innovations

Shopify evolves with biannual updates, showing dedication to improving merchant tools. Let’s see how Shopify’s latest innovations change the merchant experience. Get ready for exciting changes!

Unlocking Diversity: Shopify Extends Variant Limit to 2000 Options

Thanks to its new GraphQL product API, Shopify now allows up to 2000 variants per product, up from the previous 99-variant limit. This enhancement provides more diverse customer options and enables merchants and developers to create sophisticated product catalogs. Currently available for developer preview, a general release is slated for the future.

Simplified Shopping: Shopify’s Combined Listing App Enhances Product Visibility

With the Combined Listing App, merchants can merge product variations into a single comprehensive listing. Each variation maintains its unique attributes, such as image carousel, URL, and publishing controls. This streamlined approach enhances product visibility and customization, providing customers with a cohesive shopping experience.

Checkout Extensibility

Shopify Plus introduces Checkout Extensibility, reshaping the checkout process. Unlike the outdated checkout.liquid, this advancement expands Shopify’s capabilities, allowing customization beyond the core checkout page. Previously limited to the core checkout, merchants and developers can now customize additional site sections, offering greater flexibility in tailoring the checkout experience.

Personalized Pages:

Customization options for the checkout page now extend to the “Thank You” and Order Status pages. Merchants can personalize appearance, color schemes, headers, footers, and container styles. These app-driven enhancements ensure compatibility and future-proof customization.

Tailored Customer Account Pages:

Similar customization options are now available for the Customer Account page, enhancing the overall customer experience.

Unlocking AI Magic: Shopify’s Enhanced Winter Edition

In 2023, Shopify introduced Shopify Magic for product descriptions. In the Winter 2024 Edition, they’re expanding their AI-powered features. Merchants can now use AI for image editing, enhanced autowriting, and improved search. Let’s explore some of the key new capabilities.

Effortless Image Editing with AI:

Managing product images can be time-consuming. With Shopify’s expanded Magic image manipulation, you can streamline basic editing tasks with integrated AI tools. Easily create professional product photos by generating, matching, or removing backgrounds with just a few clicks or keywords. These AI-enhanced features offer endless possibilities, from enhancing product shots to showcasing models.

Sharper Search Results: Shopify’s AI Revolutionizes Search

The Shopify Search & Discovery App offers powerful native capabilities for customizing search, filtering, and product recommendations. Look out for an improved search experience with new AI-powered storefront features. Semantic Search, an innovative AI feature, goes beyond basic keyword matching to comprehend shoppers’ intent, delivering more relevant search results.

Instant Pages: Shopify’s AI Magic Expands to Page Creation

Shopify Magic’s AI-based product description tool has expanded beyond product descriptions to other sections of the Shopify Admin, including Pages. Creating pages like About Us or FAQ is effortless, with just a few clicks and prompts.

Improving B2B Capabilities

Catering to the distinct needs of business-to-business transactions is crucial for Shopify Plus merchants. While Shopify B2B already supports companies with tailored pricing, bulk discounts, and payment terms, Winter 2024 introduces exciting upgrades. These enhancements offer additional features for Shopify Plus stores, enhancing the B2B experience for merchants.

Sales Representative Assistance

Shopify B2B now allows the assignment of sales reps to B2B customers. New staff permissions enable staff to place orders and access customer information for specific company locations. Roles within staff permissions allow for different sales managers and reps access levels. This feature enhances support and guidance for B2B customers.

Empowering Your Sales Team

You can build stronger, personalized customer relationships with sales rep support in your Shopify B2B store. Dedicated sales reps gain deep insights into each customer’s needs, preferences, and challenges, leading to increased sales, higher customer retention, and stronger trust between the company and sales reps.

Headless B2B Integration

Shopify Hydrogen, renowned for headless development, now extends to B2B stores. Utilize Shopify’s APIs and developer tools to create unique B2B storefronts, offering endless development possibilities in a headless configuration. Shopify integrates B2B features into the headless paradigm, allowing B2B businesses to combine Shopify’s robust ecommerce capabilities with custom frontend designs.

Tailored B2B Discounts

Shopify provides developers with powerful tools like Shopify Functions to implement customized backend logic. These functions, developed as apps and installed within the store, enable backend customizations for discounts, shipping, and payment methods. Now, Shopify extends these functions to B2B checkout, allowing the creation of promotional discounts exclusively for B2B customers. These discounts can be automatically applied at checkout, providing pricing tailored for B2B clients.

All-in-One Shopify POS Terminal

For retail stores using Shopify, Shopify POS offers seamless expansion across all channels. Integrated with your Shopify platform, Shopify POS and POS GO provide a unified solution for your business. But the innovation doesn’t stop there.

The POS Terminal is a convenient countertop tool designed specifically for retail customers. It’s a dedicated payment terminal with Wi-Fi and Ethernet connectivity, featuring an integrated customer display. Customize the screen with your branding and enjoy new features such as capturing customer emails at checkout and offering one-tap digital receipts.

This terminal is a valuable addition to your store. It gives customers a real-time display of their purchased items. With clear prompts for payment, PIN entry, tipping, and receipt selection, customers can confidently complete their transactions.

Shopify’s New Subscription App

With Shopify’s latest free Subscription app, merchants can effortlessly set up and manage subscriptions directly from the Shopify admin. Customers can easily adjust or skip subscription orders right from your store’s account page, eliminating the need for third-party apps for basic subscription services.

In conclusion

Shopify stands out as a top-notch e-commerce platform, constantly advancing to meet evolving needs. Contact VT Lab’s team of Shopify experts for help with Shopify Plus or Checkout. Let’s see how Shopify can take your business forward.

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