3 Items in the Home That Are Worth Doing Regular Maintenance On

3 Items in the Home That Are Worth Doing Regular Maintenance On

There are plenty of items in the home that you don’t have to worry about and conduct maintenance on. You can simply use them and enjoy the benefits they provide without giving it a second thought. Then there are those items, particularly appliances, which require your attention from time to time. Regular maintenance doesn’t have to be a big job and yet it can save you from big costly repairs, or worse yet, having to replace items well before their expected lifespan ends.

Here’s a look at three items in the home that are worth doing regular maintenance on.


Far too often a refrigerator is an appliance that homeowners don’t give a second thought to until it’s no longer working. The fact is that spilt food, overfilling the refrigerator, and issues with the hose connection can all lead to big problems. Experts recommend that it’s worth taking everything out of the fridge and giving all shelves a good wipe down and cleaning at least once a month. Make sure you use an anti-bacterial cleaner on the shelves or wash them in the sink with warm water and gentle dish soap.

As for hose connections, do a visual inspection once or twice a year. If the fridge no longer seems to be getting as cold as it once was, it’s making weird noises, or you notice water leaking from it – call a repair technician immediately.

Washing Machine

Your washing machine has a very important job and that’s to get everyone’s clothes looking and smelling clean. When you think about the dirt and grime it has to contend with, it’s easy to see why it needs regular attention. Cleaning your washing machine at least once a month, or after an especially dirty load, can help extend its lifespan drastically.

Typically, the best way to clean the washing machine is by running a cycle without clothing. Check to see if your washing machine has a cleaning cycle that has all the pre-set information. Before starting it, you can use a washing machine cleaner, liquid bleach (1/2 cup) or even white vinegar. This will help to remove any build-up in the machine, especially grease and odors.

Water Softener

Another item you will want to create a regular maintenance schedule for is the water softener. A water softener is a filtration system that can effectively remove the hardness from the water. Hard water is incredibly damaging to appliances such as your water heater, dishwasher, washing machine and more.

By scheduling professional water softener system maintenance, you’ll be ensuring that the hard scale build-up doesn’t damage your appliances and lead to having new ones installed. Maintenance is a great way to keep your water softener running efficiently and extend its lifespan.

These are just some of the items and appliances in the home that require regular maintenance. Keeping these items in good working condition means they will last longer, and you’ll save money in the long run. If you have a hard time remembering to conduct regular maintenance, either write it down on your calendar or in your planning app with a reminder.

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