How Cisco CCNP R&S Builds Your Networking Skills & How Practice Tests Ease Off Your Exam Anxiety?

How Cisco CCNP R&S Builds Your Networking Skills & How Practice Tests Ease Off Your Exam Anxiety?

There are so many reasons why networking is a top-notch choice among IT aspirants. From advancing your career to keeping up with the latest trends, networking is ultimately one of the best ways to know your worth in the IT field. And when it comes to networking credentials, seemingly there are only a few certifications that can be on par with CCNP R&S. This reputable validation by Cisco keeps your pulse on the most important networking skills required by employers and the industry as a whole. So, now let’s look deeper in this prestigious badge and its exams. Ready? Let’s go!

What’s with This Certification that Makes It So Popular?

First and foremost, any credential offered by Cisco guarantees you a bright and flourishing profession. And one of its coveted IT certification programs is the routing and switching curriculum. This area deals with your understanding of vital enterprise networks and solutions. CCNP Routing and Switching, or simply CCNP R&S, is actually the second stage of the routing and switching program. Therefore, before you secure this badge, you have to clear the first stage, and that is CCNA R&S, which is meant for associate networking individuals. Considering that the CCNP R&S badge is no longer an entry-level endorsement, certain prerequisites are further needed. Test Questions or any Cisco CCIE are requirements necessary to pursue the CCNP R&S credential. The most compatible professionals for this Cisco certification are network technicians, systems engineers, and so on. So, if you’re ready to take your networking career to the next level, let’s have a quick run-through of the things covered by the CCNP R&S credential.

What Are the Key Networking Skills Fostered by CCNP R&S?

CCNP R&S is an all-inclusive accreditation of your networking aptitude. Through this certification, you become a well-versed networking professional who can take on advanced enterprise issues and make necessary decisions that impact business success. And for you to earn this esteemed Cisco credential, you’ve got to go through a couple of exams, which will then pave the way to work up your adeptness in the networking field. So, these tests are:

●    Routing solutions (Exam 300-101)

Intellectual insight of routing solutions and technologies holds a substantial weight in this certification exam. This is where you secure definite knowledge of Cisco routers that are utilized in intricate IP addressing and such. More so, it assesses your capability in routing-related resolutions that support both physical branches and mobile employees.

●    Switching solutions (Exam 300-115)

The next area that will be tested is your skills in dealing with switching solutions. In this test, you will be inclined to know more about Layer 3, which consists of multi switches. These switches are actually a combination of both a router and a switch, though it mainly serves as a switch to bridge devices on the same virtual LAN or subnet. Likewise, this area prepares you for crucial switching tasks such as designing, configuring, and implementing complex switching technologies visit .

●    Troubleshooting networks (Exam 300-135)

For the last assessment, this exam takes into action your ability to regulate any issue involving various enterprise networks. It covers complex VPN features, Layer 2 & 3 solutions, and infrastructure functions. But the thing is, when dealing with these areas, you have to comply with the practices set by the industry and by the company. These methodologies must include the systematic list of standards noted in ITIL compliance.

How to Effectively Prepare for the Three-Part Certification Assessment?

Considering that CCNP R&S isn’t granted with just one exam, you have to be strategic with your plans. Create a detailed outline of how you will cover the test objectives within a decent time frame. It’s best that you start with the areas with higher exam percentages so you’ll have a higher chance of passing the assessment. And then, continue with the minor sections. And of course, there’s no way to do well in the exam without using the right resources. Though it’s suggested that you make use of the Cisco materials, you shouldn’t underestimate third-party practice tests offered online. These are pivotal resources that you need when preparing for your certification exam. Some of the best practice tests you can try are the vce files presented by the When using the mock tests you will have an idea of the possible assessment questions that may be included in your main exam. If you check this provider’s website, you’ll see that they offer free and regularly updated mock tests that are available for the instant download. These tests are uploaded to the platform by the recent test-takers who experienced the three above-mentioned exams. What is more, this provider makes some paid braindumps available at a ridiculous price. And as it was noted before, all practice tests from the go in the vce format, that’s why we recommend that you install the VCE Player to open these tests and work with them proficiently.

Can You Take CCNP R&S Certification Now?

Actually, the CCNP R&S has been scheduled for retirement this 2020. It was valid up to February 24, 2020. But there’s nothing to worry about because even with its withdrawal from Cisco’s credential lineup, there will be something to look forward to. A new badge will arise to replace the older CCNP R&S and other Cisco credentials. And this is the highly anticipated CCNP Enterprise, which is unlike the previous validations offered by Cisco. It’s because this certification starts with a core exam. Once you complete this, you will have the luxury to choose your preferred field of expertise through a given list of concentration tests. For those who have already earned their CCNP R&S certification, you’ll automatically have the CCNP Enterprise. This means completing this credential on or before its expiration date will still award you with a respectable Cisco accreditation.


Underline your networking skills with your CCNP R&S certification. This top-of-the-line qualification gives access to a myriad of benefits, including noteworthy skill advancement and interesting career development. So, if you want to have both, get on with your exam preparation and study smart with the aid of free and reliable practice tests from the!

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