Is there any strategy that can be used in slots?

Is there any strategy that can be used in slots?

Slots are the most popular form of gambling at present and their popularity shows no sign of fading any time soon. It is unclear why these games are so popular because unlike other forms of gambling, players have no control over the results of each spin. Therefore, not much can be done to influence the results in the favour of the slot spinner. With other forms of gambling such as poker, Blackjack, and horseracing, form and skills come into play, and this increases the odds of a punter winning.

When the result of a slot spin could be manipulated in the early days of slots, numerous slot spinners did turn the tables on slot games and gambling establishments, but this was done using illegal means. Now, in the age of digital slots, players cannot tamper with these games and only honest strategies can be tried. However, the big question is whether strategies can be applied to UK casino games where each result relies on random results.

Slot Games Strategies

Some regular slot players find it easier to apply strategies to their gameplay at land-based casinos and this is because they can physically observe the slot playing action taking place around them. These types of slot players focus all their efforts on progressive jackpot slots, and some even claim to have discovered a formula that lets them know when a slot machine is hot and ready to drop a jackpot.

These slots are then targeted for as long as it takes for the expected payload to land. Whether this works or not depends on how wealthy the individuals who claim to use this technique are. Some have written books on the subject as well, but they do underline the fact that learning how to judge the behaviour of a slot machine, is not a skill that is acquired overnight.

Online Slots

For those that cannot spend hours in land-based casinos, studying the behaviour of slots, or think books on slots only help to benefit the author financially, then strategies are harder to come by, especially if individuals play exclusively online. There are some basic things that can be done to increase the chances of winning though, but these do not involve chasing progressive jackpots.


When it comes to online slots, the focus is still on choosing certain slot games as part of a strategy, but the focus here is on the intricacies each slot game contains, with the focus being on the RTP or Return to Player percentage score. The RTP rating is calculated by spinning certain games thousands of times and a percentage score is reached. It acts as a guide for players and focuses on how much cash a player can expect to be returned to them, versus the amount they wager.

This means that high RTP scoring games are best to play because they offer a better return on wagering. However, this does oversimplify things, because even low RTP scoring slots have hot streaks. The chances are that individuals would have to spend far more on low RTP slots to hit these hot streaks than they would on high RTP scoring games. 

Slot Volatility

Highly volatile slot games should also be avoided because they act like low RTP scoring games. An ideal strategy for online success would be to exclusively play high RTP scoring games that have a low volatility rating. The problem here is that slot players play games they find fun, and the combination of high RTP, low volatility, does not always offer the best entertainment.



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