The Basis of Politics is Marketing and Fundraising

The Basis of Politics is Marketing and Fundraising

Many think that it’s only engaging in national or state politics that will cost an arm and a leg. On the contrary, ALL politics and types of campaigns will require you to have a healthy bank balance.

We all have a pet hate or something that we would like to change, and the modern world and levels of interconnectivity means that if you have the money, you too can consider a political career. It’s worth knowing that you can change the world that matters to you and then how you can. The argument herein is that there can be. No successful political campaigns or changes without being able to spread your message, and this will cost money.

Many now use the messaging process for fundraising, and the request is for funding and support for a cause and a call to action. A great example of wide-scale reach for political fundraising is Actblue SMS, and some research will provide a clear idea as to how this can be done.

The common entry routes into politics and campaign work

The traditional way into politics is to get a good political science qualification and then start at the grassroots level and work your way up the ladder and contribute to the party in as many ways that you can. Commitment to the cause and dedication to other leaders and other campaigns will result in the opportunity being made available to you.

Then there are those who are born into politics one way or another and are likely to have a route planned out for them.

Lastly, there are the one-off ‘save the street’ type campaigns that anyone can have a go at, and with the right permissions and following the set guides in this regard can also result in significant localized change and personal satisfaction.

The social activist or those who volunteer their time to support a campaign that they believe in and work for its success are perhaps the true foundation of democratic politics. It is, after all, the person on the street that the movements on ‘The Hill’ are supposed to effect positive change for.

Regardless of the nature of your entry into politics and the specific political party, or even if it’s just a specific campaign, political campaigns cost, regardless of the campaign. It will cost.

The costs and the need for a serious fundraising effort

The idea is generally always twofold, firstly to spread a specific message, either of what’s happening and how to change it or just that you or your political party have a solution to a current pressing societal issue. Once the message has been spread, it is about creating a tone and climate of belief, and social authority, influencers, and high-profile individuals need to support the claims being made, and then a call to action is communicated. It is a simple yet longwinded process and, as such, will cost a lot more than you think.

The truth of the matter is that you will not be able to affect long-lasting change at any level or of any sort through the political or campaign process unless you have the funds to support these efforts.

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