What is a Good Dose of CBD?

What is a Good Dose of CBD?

The rise of CBD products poses an important question: how much should you take? Studies show that there is no universally accepted dosage for everyone, making it difficult to find the perfect balance.

Apart from following the prescribed dosage on the labels of Blosum’s CBD oil products, there are factors to consider in order to find your optimum hemp dose.

Side Effects of CBD Oil

Like other products, CBD also comes with its potential side effects. Research shows that some patients could react negatively to the substance in the first weeks of consumption.

The potential side effects include drowsiness, slight headache, loss of appetite, and complications when used with prescription medication.

Consulting a doctor would help reduce the possibility of experiencing severe side effects, as there are some medical conditions that require extra care when administering CBD.

For instance, pregnant women or nursing mothers ought not to take hemp oil during or a couple of years after birth, so as to prevent the neonate or baby from consuming CBD.

CBD Dosage: How to Dose CBD Oil

The trick to getting the most out of products is arriving at the perfect dose for you. Many companies who sell CBD near you label products without adding a guide explaining the recommended dosage.

To arrive at the recommended dosage, there are a few characteristics to consider when calculating the proper dose for you.

Weight, Height, and Area of the Skin Surface

Huge people have wider skin surfaces, so they would require more CBD topical salve products when treating conditions such as arthritis or pain around the skin regions.

If a person with average height or weight uses three drops of premium hemp oil in treating ankle pain, an individual with a larger skin area might require more in achieving the same result.


The concentration of a product refers to the amount per mol of the solvent of cannabidiol present in a product. Depending on the manufacturer, it can be measured in a molar, g/mol or mg.

Concentration is not the same as the dosage. CBD concentration deals with the whole product while dosage deals with periodic servings.

Desired results

People who suffer from chronic pain would require a higher dosage of hemp than those suffering from slight pain.

The dosage can go higher depending on the urgency and terminal nature of the conditions, such as epilepsy.

Tolerance and Sensitivity

People who complain of side effects after the first week of consumption may not notice the side effects after the first month. Some side effects such as skin irritation or drowsiness vanish with time. As the body acclimatizes to the substance, the user would develop more tolerance.

New CBD users are advised to start with lower doses and increase the dosage as they progress.

Can you Overdose on CBD?

No report of overdose has been reported since there’s no evidence linking CBD with any addictive substance. According to studies, more than 50,000 deaths by overdose cases are reported on a yearly basis.

However, none of these cases has been linked to cannabidiol.

To buttress the point made by WHO and other researchers, the National Cancer Institute releases a report stating that there’s no possibility of CBD overdose. The withdrawal symptoms associated with hemp use are nausea, hot flashes, and slight insomnia.

These symptoms are next to nothing when compared to the withdrawal symptoms associated with other substances such as tobacco.

Buying CBD Products

You can buy hemp oil in many physical stores and online. Brands sell multiple products ranging from CBD gummies to pet products.

Most online retailers provide a recommended dosage per product, which is considered a safe dosage for individuals. However, it is best to consult with a doctor to find the best CBD dosage for you.

Online hemp shops allow users to buy premium hemp oil at the comfort of their homes. They also provide high-quality extracts that come from local farms. To ensure that you’re getting the best CBD in the market, look for third-party lab test results. These will verify the potency and purity of your chosen product.


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