Why Do You Need To Use Video Marketing During COVID-19?

Why Do You Need To Use Video Marketing During COVID-19?

COVID-19 has spread across all the nations in the world. To curb the outbreak of this pandemic, governments have cautioned citizens to stay home and curtailed all companies’ and businesses’ physical activities. Times are tough, and almost all the businesses are toiling hard to establish themselves digitally. And why not? It is the most accurate and accessible way to stay alive during this pandemic.

People now have enough time to surf the internet and watch what grabs their interests the most. Experimental studies reveal that internet surfers have started using around 80% content online during COVID-19. And when it comes to consuming content online, videos emerge as the most preferred form of content. Hence, you must use video marketing during COVID-19.

Why Use Video Marketing During Covid-19?

Video marketing refers to shooting, editing, posting, and promoting videos on various online platforms to achieve business goals. It helps drive engagements, increase subscribers, generates leads, hike sales, and anything that brings a noteworthy profit to the business.

Nowadays, people across the globe prefer to watch a story instead of reading it. Visual images and videos receive more engagements than plain text copies. As per recent research by 2022, around 82% of the total online content will be videos. The businesses that understand the significance of video marketing strategy have a smooth time even when almost all the nations are under lockdown. To grow engagements on videos several growth tools are being applied. If you read the Stormviews review or any other growth tool review you will know how much people are appreciating these kinds of tools to grow their visibility.

Let’s talk about a few of the other reasons that make you consider using video marketing during COVID-19.

Pandemic Gives You Some Leeway:

Bad news: Your video will look and feel differently than if you had produced it before the pandemic.

Good news: Your audience will care more about the video and less about the quality because of this hard time.

It means you have some leeway. Your audiences are more likely to watch your videos and less likely to expect something big from you. So, even if you are a beginner and make errors while producing videos, your audience will be forgiving to you.

Catch Your Audience Attention To Your Products:

While you are homebound during the lockdown and don’t have enough opportunities to promote your products, you can still do it through demo videos. Demo videos are an easy and quick way to catch your audience attention and showcase how your product performs. No matter if you are dealing with mobile phones, laptops, digital accessories, gaming stations, or anything else, you can craft an unboxing video of your product and put it on the digital platforms to gain the traffic.

Sharpen Your Creativity During A Lockdown:

Give your creativity a new wing during this pandemic. Lockdown doesn’t mean your imagination and creativity should be locked down, too. Craft something engaging that can sharpen your creativity and promote your brand at the same time. For instance, you can shoot an engaging video using your smartphone and ask your marketing team to edit and add text to video. It will make hard-to-grasp concepts easy to understand. It means if you need to promote a complex service or product, video marketing tools will be your saviours.

Stay Connected To Your Loyal Customers Digitally During A Pandemic:

Even if the government has urged people to follow social distancing during this pandemic, you can still stay connected with your loyal consumers through emails, social media platforms, etc. and feature their experiences in the form of videos. Case study or testimonial videos featuring your dedicated customers create a lasting impression on your target audience. Let the customers feel like a celeb and connect with your audience for a change. It is indeed fun!

Create Awareness About Your Brand And Products:

While you can’t use the physical means of marketing to promote your business during the lockdown, you can still create awareness about your brand and products to hook the customers. YouTube videos are the best examples to create awareness. You must make sure your potential customers know about you, especially during the period of this pandemic and quarantine. So, the next time they look for a product you sell, they should know you are there to serve them with their needs. If you already have a meaningful video, use it to engage with your audience and if you don’t already have one, craft one today.

Make Your Customers Feel Fortunate Through Personalized Video Messages:

The most practical and powerful way to connect with your audience is to make them feel you care about them without any self-interests. With that said, you can create a video with some personalized messages like frequently washing your hands, staying home, wearing your mask, taking healthy foods, and so on. If your company deals with hand wash products, sanitizers, etc. you can personalize the videos featuring your company’s products.

Connect With Your Audience Even On The Low Budget:

COVID-19 crisis is an unforeseen hit on the global economy. It creates a big challenge for businesses also to run a video marketing campaign. But worry not! Even if you are on a tight budget, you can still connect with your audiences through videos. How? One of the best and easiest ways to do so is to regenerate the content.

Here, the same video with a different approach is used. For instance, if you are targeting the viewers on IGTV, repurpose your YouTube videos with a twist. If your target viewers are on YouTube, channelize your Facebook live videos. You can cut a long video short with a link to your website or other social media platforms. You can even extend the video with a personalized message.

Make Your Customers See & Feel Your Products From The Closet:

Since COVID-19 does not allow your customers to visit your store and experience the products physically, you should consider creating VR (Virtual Reality) and 360° videos to make your customers see and feel your product from the closet possibility. It enables viewers to navigate the products and help them finalize their buying decision. 360-degree videos make your customers experience a product from every angle possible as if it were physically available before them. Virtual reality and 360° videos are a great way to stay competitive during COVID-19. In fact, VR and 360° videos are the boon for real estate marketing during the lockdown.


Time is tough, but eventually, businesses will emerge from the ashes of COVID-19 provided that they keep their digital doors open to the online audience, and let the videos lead their ways. The only way out of this is to utilize the situation to your advantage.


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