Can We Hook Up A Double Bathroom Sink To A Single Drain?

Can We Hook Up A Double Bathroom Sink To A Single Drain?

A double sink bathroom is the ultimate in convenience and luxury. With only one bathroom, you will have the added benefit of having two sinks instead of one. Whatever kind of double sink you have, it’ll be more than worth the extra work to have a second sink to help you save time on your daily grooming routine. But before you can get excited about the possibility of having a second sink in your bathroom, you need to know that it is not as simple as just running a drain from the second sink to the first.

For one, there will be plumbing implications that you need to take into account. Secondly, the distance between sinks will affect the layout of the drain. If a second sink is too far for a single drainpipe to handle, you will need a bigger pipe to direct the water from the second sink to the first. Lastly, the layout of the base cabinet as well as the counter top will affect how the pipes are routed. Before you begin your project to hook up a double sink bathroom, consult with a licensed professional plumber Peoria to get a comprehensive assessment of the project and the necessary upgrades.


What You Will Need

You will need a faucet and sink combination to have your bath double sinks.


Depending on the size of the second sink, you may also need a new pipe. A larger pipe will be necessary if the distance between the two sinks is too far for a single drainpipe to handle.

What Is a Double Bathroom Sink?

A double sink bathroom is a luxury bathroom with two sinks instead of one. A double sink bathroom is an ideal solution for someone who needs to shave time on their daily grooming routine because they can do both tasks at the same time.

Some famous examples include the George Foreman Grill (a grill with two bowls) and the Double Trouble (two bowls, two spoons, two whisks). With a double sink bathroom, you will also have more space in your bathroom as well as more counter space to spread out and do any other activities that you need to get done while in the bathroom. In terms of functionality, a double sink is essentially an extra bowl instead of an extra sink.

Hooking Up a Double Bathroom Sink

It may sound simple to hook up a double sink bathroom, but it’s not. Before you can get started on the project, be sure to have your plans and blueprints drawn up. This will ensure that you are ready for all of the possible construction techniques that you need to implement. If your sinks are too far from one another, then running a single drainpipe is not going to cut it. If this is the case, then you will need to install two drainpipes instead of one. Furthermore, if your bathroom has an open floor plan with no base cabinets or counters in between the sink locations, then there is some work involved in getting the pipes routed properly. For example, if there is nothing in between the two sinks so they are next to each other, then they will connect at a 90 degree angle with a straight line through the wall.


If your sinks are separated by base cabinets or counters across from one another, then it’s going to be more complicated than just connecting them with a straight line through the wall. Instead, you will need something like elbows and tees that connect them at angles. You will also need enough room for both drains because if one of them becomes blocked, water won’t just flow into the other drain; it will back up into your home and flood everything!

Plan Before You BEGIN

Do not just decide to hook up a second sink on the fly. You need to have a plan before you start any kind of plumbing project.

There are many considerations that will affect the layout and design of your drainpipe, so take time to consult with professional plumber Peoria and make sure that you are aware of all the needs.


If you’re thinking about building a custom basin, make sure that your drainpipes and other components are designed for it. If the distance between sinks is too far for a single drainpipe, consider using two pipes instead of one.

Get Your Elevated Drawbridge in Place

If the distance between the drains is too far for a single pipe to handle, you will need the help of an elevated drawbridge. This component is added to allow water from the second sink to flow into the first sink.

In order to install this component, you’ll need access to power tools as well as professional plumbing equipment. The installation process requires that you cut two holes in your bathroom base cabinet, install a support beam, and run a cable through it. Once that’s finished, you’ll need to drill two additional holes in the cabinet and run more cables through them. In order for water to be directed properly through these cables, they need to be secured with appropriate fittings like washers or plastic nuts and bolts.

Once all of these components are installed, hooking up your double sink bathroom will be easy breezy!


Install the New Drain Pipe

If you are looking for a second sink in your bathroom, the first step is to install a new drain pipe. Depending on the size of the second sink and its location, you may need a larger size drain pipe or two smaller drain pipes. If you have an old double sink that was installed without a bigger pipe or two smaller pipes, then you will need to use them to connect the new sink as well.

In order to effectively connect a double sink to a single drain, there must be an uninterrupted run of piping between the sinks. If this is not achieved, then it may be necessary to change out some of the plumbing fixtures in the walls or add additional fixtures (i.e., traps) from one side of the house to another. To ensure that there is no interruption in service during construction, contact a licensed plumber immediately after making any changes and make sure they are still licensed before beginning any work on your project


The Layout of the Plumbing

When you have a double sink layout, it’s crucial to plan the layout of the plumbing accordingly. Because there will be two sinks, each with their own drain, you will need an additional drainpipe for each sink. The layout of the pipes for each sink is different, as well as the placement of the drains. In order to avoid any clogs and other complications, take your time and figure out how you want things to run before starting any work on your project.



The Counter Top and Base Cabinet Set Up

If your counter top is installed on a base cabinet, the distance between the two will start to take its toll on the pipe. In order to get around this, you can measure how far the sink is from the wall and use that measurement to determine how long your drainpipe should be. If the distance between sinks is too far for a single drainpipe, you’ll need to upgrade your pipes. You might also have to cut out a section of wall or ceiling and make some changes in your base cabinet layout.

However, if your counter top is built into a raised island with no base cabinet, then it can easily accommodate two sinks. If you are considering this option, check with a professional plumber Peoria about the best way to install it so that you don’t have any leaks or water damage later on down the road.

In conclusion, double sink bathrooms make living more convenient and luxurious for their owners. But avoid having too much of an overflow by taking into account all of these factors before making any final decisions.



Make sure you have a plan before you start your plumbing project. Get your elevated drawbridge in place before you start. Install the new drain pipe before you install the sink. And don’t forget to plan your plumbing layout. If you want two sinks in your bathroom but don’t have the space for two standard ones, a double-bowl sink may be a good idea. Your plumber Peoria from Rooter Hero can easily convert it into two separate sinks at any time by using an adapter. This gives you the option of using one sink for washing your hands and another for washing your face or brushing your teeth.



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