Choosing a Bra That Isn’t a Nightmare if You Need Two Different Cup Sizes

Choosing a Bra That Isn’t a Nightmare if You Need Two Different Cup Sizes

Did your boobs not get the memo about being (roughly) the same size? You’re not alone if that’s the case – breast asymmetry is more common than most of us realise. But that doesn’t make it any less annoying when you’re trying to find a pretty bra that doesn’t give you double-boob on one side while the other feels like it’s become one of those Amazon packages where they send a hair comb in a box that would fit a TV.

Even worse is the stress it can cause trying to get into that low-cut top you like. Or the backless dress. The strappy dress. The strapless dress – oh wait, you gave that one away. Even if you’ve learned to love and accept yourself as you are, uneven boobs are inconvenient.

Surgery is available, but it’s not for everyone – financially, mentally, or physically. Perhaps you’re absolutely fine with how you are, you just wish you had a little bit more wardrobe flexibility. So, what can be done? Well, let’s start with your bra.

Embrace the Inserts

You can get silicon breast forms that basically pad out your smaller side to make it look like your boobs are even. These can be fab for when you want to wear tighter-fitting clothes or want that extra weight so you can actually wear a strapless dress without having to practically super-glue it up on one side. Silicone bra fillers are comfy to wear – they mould to your shape, so it won’t be obvious you’re wearing one. With bra fillers, you don’t have to worry about whether the bra fits both your boobs if you’re buying a new one – just go with something that fits the bigger side well and pad the other side out. Winner!

Ditch Sexy, In with Comfy

You know the kind – it’s plain and basic. But you can’t deny, it’s comfy. If you wear a bra, then go for one like this for everyday wear at least. There’s nothing worse than wearing a bra that nobody else is going to see anyway, because it looks nice, only for it to dig in (on just one side, mind) all day long. You’ve heard that wearing nice lingerie is meant to make you feel good, but it doesn’t. So, go for comfort instead. Wear a sports bra all the time if you want. There are no rules against it.

Get a Full Fitting Bra

A bra that covers all your boobs is a life-changer. There’s nothing worse than a balconette bra or a plunge bra that doesn’t fit both sides properly. One’s threatening to fall out, and you can barely find the other. It’s uncomfortable. It’s not worth the bother. The good news is that full-fitting bras that offer good support and coverage are getting nicer and nicer – goodbye, plain old nude and white! Get a professional fitting, if you haven’t already – a well-trained bra fitter will know all about asymmetry and will be able to recommend a bra you might even enjoy wearing.

Even if you know you’re a goddess and love yourself no matter what, not being the same cup size on both sides can be a practical nightmare at times. Keep these tips in mind when you choose your next bra, and hopefully, it makes your life a little bit easier.

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