Class 8 English Exam – Tips for Literature and Grammar

Class 8 English Exam – Tips for Literature and Grammar

English is a mandatory subject for almost all streams. Ironically, it is also the most ignored subject during preparation. It is a scoring subject, but many students try to cover the syllabus within a week before the exam. Due to this negligence, they fail to score good marks in this subject.

In this article, we will give you preparation tips for the grammar and literature section of class 8 English exam. These tips will help you prepare efficiently.

Grammar Section – The grammar section can save you a lot of time. Every question can be solved within a couple of minutes. The only trick is to be well prepared. Some tips to enhance your grammar skills are:

Read: You must have heard some of your friends stating that they can find grammatical errors at a glance. They were not born with this skill. They acquired it by reading. To enhance your grammar, you should read a lot. You can read novels, journals, newspapers, etc. Continuous reading will construct an image of correct grammar in your mind, such that, whenever you come across a grammatical error, you’ll be able to spot it instantly. An avid reader will always have an edge over others when it comes to grammar.

Practice: Developing impeccable grammatical skills requires a lot of practice. Just reading grammar rules is not enough. You need to implement these rules numerous times to grasp the topic. Even if you somehow cram all the rules, it is essential to know their usage in the English language. Also, there are some exceptions associated with every grammar topic. Therefore, you need to solve all the textbook exercises beforehand. A significant amount of practice is required before you can use grammar instinctively.

Reference book: The textbooks that are allotted in your school curriculum are supposed to be easy and interactive. Therefore, you will find only a limited number of exercises. They are good enough to strengthen your basics but you need more practice. You can refer to reference books and manuals that are easily available in bookstores. These books consist of exercises and solutions. You should solve and refer to the solutions later to calculate your accuracy. Additional exercises will give you an insight into your grammar skills.

Read aloud: You must have heard about those riddles where your brain can easily identify the words even if they are all jumbled up. Our brain can fill in the missing information. This is what happens when you proofread in your mind. You are likely to miss a lot of errors. To overcome this, you should read aloud when proofreading. This will prevent your mind from filling in the gaps and you can detect the errors instantly. Quick proofreading is the key to a perfect score.

Write: Just like reading, writing also plays a major role in enhancing your grammar. The more you write with correct grammar, the easier it gets. At one point, you will be able to write perfect grammar without even referring to your textbook. Writing will also help you with time management and accuracy during your examination.

Literature – All the questions asked in the literature section are from your textbook. This is the most familiar section in your exam. Here are some tips to prepare for the literature section:

Read your textbook: Unlike others, the literature section is limited to your textbook. Therefore, it is advised to read your textbook thoroughly. You should know all the stories, characters, authors, and events at your fingertips. It will help you understand the tricky questions during the examination.

Attempt the exercises: In every textbook, there are some exercises given for practice. After reading and comprehending the chapter, you should attempt these exercises. It will test your understanding of the chapter. Also, you will have an idea of the type of questions that can be asked in the exam, from that chapter. These exercises are designed to cover all the major events in the story or poem. Even if you have solutions, you should try to answer questions from these exercises yourself. To check whether you mentioned all the points in proper sequence, you should follow the manual.

Practice writing: Knowing the answer and expressing it on paper are two different things. Sometimes you know the answer but poor answer presentation and writing skills may prevent you from getting that perfect score. You cannot improve your writing skills overnight. You need regular practice to widen your vocabulary and enhance your way of expression. Reading newspapers and books will help you learn different writing styles with correct grammar. If you read and write regularly, you will use those advanced writing phrases instinctively in your answers.

Prepare notes: The notes provided by your teacher will never be enough. It can get you a decent score but if you are aiming for the perfect score, you should make notes of your own. While preparing them, you will go through all the chapters and minor details. Also, notes that you’ve written yourself are easy to grasp. Include all the important events, character sketches, and quotations in your notes. You should refer to the class 8 English honeydew textbook. It will help you cover the whole syllabus with every minor detail.

Don’t be selective: You should never be selective during your preparation. You should focus on all the chapters in your book. Even if that chapter is hard or doesn’t interest you, you should not skip it. This way, you will be ready for the worst-case scenario. Even if a question is asked from one of the least important chapters, you will be able to answer it.

Revise before submission: In the examination room, the time limit and performance pressure can increase the chances of error in your sheet. You should manage your time efficiently. It will give you enough time for revision before submission. A quick revision can help you correct any errors you might’ve made.

Your English language skills are the basis of your communication skills. Your communication skills are going to help you throughout your life. Every interview, every speech, and every write-up requires impeccable English skills to create an impression. Follow these tips to improve your English skills and score well in your exam!

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