How to Transform Your Smile

Our smiles will always be one of the most crucial parts of the human experience. Designed to assist us in daily activities like chewing and speaking, the smile also maintains a significant role in boosting our appearance and ultimately, our self-confidence.

Almost every smile is bound to have a flaw or two, meaning there is always room for improvement. Whether your smile could benefit from a more systemic and procedural approach, or appreciate some lifestyle changes through your own capabilities- there are a plethora of options to transform your oral anatomy for the better.

Our smiles are completely unique to each of us, but regardless of the enhancements you seek, we can guarantee there is a method out there perfect for you!

For the Smiles Demanding a Bit More

Many of us possess smiles with a limited functionality or impacted physical appearance. Teeth which are broken or missing, crowded or misplaced, and even infected, will require a dental professional’s expertise in order to rectify.

Some of the various transformative professional procedures which restore the aesthetic and performance of your oral anatomy are the following:


Adopted by millions across the globe, braces present a permanent method to straighten and realign even the most misshapen of smiles, including malocclusions. While this process can be strenuous, expensive, and time consuming, it’s designed to perform dental miracles!

In this process brackets and wires are installed throughout the smile, and are consistently monitored and tightened over time to slowly correct the teeth into their ideal position. This entails a lifestyle change consisting of appointments, maintenance, and a noticeable altering of the patient’s appearance during the process. The typical patient will wear braces from 16-18 months, and even up to two years depending on the demands of their smile. While it is a substantial sacrifice, the results are undeniable- transforming your teeth into beautiful, perfect alignment!


Poised as the modern predecessor to braces, Invisalign works similarly to the aforementioned process but boasts its advantages through leaving behind the eye-catching wires and brackets. Quickly becoming the jewel of transformative dental methods, Invisalign in many cases proved higher efficiency than traditional braces.

Capable of shifting teeth all while providing the user with unparalleled flexibility and a stealth like appearance through the removable and uniquely crafted plastic trays. Invisalign is typically a bit pricier than braces. However, for many it’s well worth the pay-off as it’s; less invasive, seldomly noticed, and usually gets the job done sooner!


This near permanent procedure is irreversible, but its implications completely transform every smile which adopts it. Veneers are artificial teeth, crafted from durable materials such as porcelain.

In order to install veneers, the existing tooth’s outer layer (the enamel) is substantially shaved down in size. This allows the original teeth to act as anchors, anticipating the artificial shells to be fused above. Granting the illusion of natural teeth, this is the closest any smile will come to reaching perfection! With a lifespan of 10-30 years depending on oral care habits, and a hefty price-tag alongside it, this is no minor feat and will totally revolutionize any candidate’s smile!

In fact, the reason why most celebrities boast stunning pearly whites is because of this procedure. Yup, Zac Efron, Taylor Swift, even Nicki Minaj- all have veneers to thank!

Crowns, Bridges, & Implants

Similar to veneers, these restorative methods are used to fill in missing areas of the smile which have suffered from broken, infected, or missing teeth. Being crafted through resilient materials like ceramic, porcelain, resin, and even titanium, these vary in their utility but can last decades if treated right!

Crowns are artificial caps, and typically function as covers. Being fastened and fused onto existing teeth which have been damaged, and professionally reduced in size to act as the crown’s new foundation.

Bridges function almost identically. Consisting of crowns on either side acting as an anchor. However, the middle section is an entire artificial tooth or teeth, used to fill in empty gaps within the smile. While the crowns on either side latch onto existing natural teeth and thus form the namesake’s shape- a bridge.

Implants are a much more invasive process. Identical in material, these artificial teeth are professionally drilled into the jawbone with a titanium post. Ensuring that, if looked after accordingly, they may last beyond an impressive 25 years! And in many cases, are more durable than natural teeth.


Dentures have a longstanding history of being reliable and restorative tools to regain a patient’s former oral functionality and appearance. While not as invasive or permanent as the aforementioned artificial contenders, these removable false teeth are carefully crafted to match your jaw and significantly restore a patient’s chewing and speaking capabilities.

Due to their removability and necessary maintenance, it is not uncommon for dentures to become misplaced or damaged. While they require a heightened sense of responsibility, it’s no wonder they’re so popular, especially for those smiles which cannot undergo the previously stated methods for a variety of reasons, including; age, jaw bone density, number of teeth, medical conditions, and so on.

For a Mere Push in the Right Direction

For other patients who may have already received (or are not ideal candidates for) the aforementioned procedures, there still remain a few well-favoured tips which can contribute in positively transforming your smile! This knowledge may provide a boon to your dental routine, and through your own accord you may transform your own smile.

Brushing and Flossing!

Yeah, Yeah, it’s the basics. Most patients have heard the importance of these activities thousands of times, and it’s for good reason. If a whiter smile is what you’re yearning for, routinely and effectively cleaning it will generate undeniable long-term improvements.

Remember, this won’t suddenly brighten up your smile overnight, as the fruits of this labour will take time to materialize. It’s well worth it though! Brushing twice daily, especially after meals, and following that up with a daily floss, provides your smile the best protection to ward off bacteria buildup. Which eventually not only pollutes the purity of your enamel’s white tint, but will also lead to gum disease, tooth decay, and a plethora of other unattractive complications if not thoroughly removed.

Teeth whitening

A more hands on approach are the many options which improve the colour of your teeth, and transform the aesthetic of the smile to a noticeable degree. This concept has been adapted by a plethora of mediums, including; over the counter teeth whitening kits, professional whitening services, and even toothpastes infused with colour enhancing materials like charcoal.

No matter which you choose, if you commit to any of these teeth whitening options, you are guaranteed to witness a positive transformation throughout your smile. As always, the professional teeth whitening process will undeniably generate results that store bought products could never contend with.

To learn more about transformative methods, or to receive our recommendations on how you could enhance your current smile,  book a consultation today!



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