How Modern Techs Can Help You Enhance Your Skills and Pick Lucrative Career

How Modern Techs Can Help You Enhance Your Skills and Pick Lucrative Career

Our life becomes closely intertwined with technologies and devices. We think that apps and smartphones hinder us from studying, while more and more colleges integrate tools in their educational programs. We believe that social media are designed solemnly to have fun during free time, while our employers can get our full personal info with one click away.

The boundaries between leisure and work on the Internet, online and real-world became blurred and uneven. That is why we want to focus on the positive sides of techs and how they can help us become better people. Before blaming yourself for wasting days online, change the quality of resources you use while surfing in the digital world.

Online Resources That Can Impact on Your Chances to Get Better Job

– Social media

Be aware of what you post on your Facebook and Instagram, as it will become your social image online. More and more employers ask their workers to provide their social media accounts before hiring them.

– Online platforms for your future CV

More and more professions require to have some work samples, especially if your future job linked to IT or design. Having your portfolio of projects placed in some online platforms such as Behance to help you establish a strong image of you as a professional. You can start from your first projects at the college, and you will have something to show even before you’ve got the first job offer.

– Increasing competence taking online courses with certificates

Time never stops, and now everyone is obliged to improve their skills and abilities continuously. Thanks to numerous websites, apps, and resources, you can get any masterclass, take any course from top professionals even if you’re on the other side of the world. You can find any related course online and increase your knowledge. There are thousands of online courses available but to find a quality course is challenging. So you may read the reviews first to get an idea about the course. For example, if you search for the BYEU online courses, see the BYEU reviews first to understand their course structure and service.

– Techs to help you plan your day, make a schedule and control your productivity

We tend to underestimate the importance of our program and health on our productivity. However, most specialists stress the vital need to live a healthy lifestyle to be efficient and enjoy your work. Thanks to apps, you can control everything from your diet to sleep patterns.

Moreover, there are more and more professions growing where you spend most of your day using devices. Here are just some of them:

Content manager

It is a specialist responsible for managing, maintaining, and distributing content in media resources (sites, social networks, online stores). If you analyze the vacancies, then among the responsibilities, you can find the administration of websites, filling pages with content, updating information, promoting materials on the Internet, interacting with copywriters, programmers and designers. If you always liked writing and never wondered, “how do I write my essay?” then you can consider this job.

Web Designer

The profession allows, to a certain extent, to combine creativity and passion for modern technology. A web designer develops sites, landing pages, email newsletters, presentations, and applications. In his work, visual design is important, as well as usability, that is, simplicity of usage of a certain app.

App Developer for iOS and Android

This is a specialist in creating applications for popular operating systems iOS and Android, which are installed on smartphones, tablets, smartwatches, and other devices. Market leaders are known to many – these are Apple and Google. Therefore, it is precisely the platforms of these companies that require the most developers.


Smartphones of the latest models are capable of photographing no worse than professional cameras. On the iPhone, they even shoot films that are nominated at the Cannes Film Festival, and winners of prestigious contests also do not always shoot on SLR cameras. So why not become a photographer with a telephone in your hands?

SMM manager

Over the past five years, the demand for this profession has grown significantly. Companies realized that not only product advertising was important, but also communication with the audience. Therefore, entire departments are sometimes responsible for the interaction of brands with customers in social networks.

Remote User Support Specialist

The name of the profession is sometimes associated with people with a call center, where an entire department of employees answers calls and messages from clients. But often, large banks, online services, schools, and movie theaters prefer to hire support specialists who work remotely.

There are no special requirements for this profession. The only important thing is the availability of Internet access and the desire to help users. The advantages of work are a flexible schedule and the ability to work from home.

If almost every child and teenager has electronic devices, then why not turn their enthusiasm into a future profession and connect their life with modern technologies? What jobs are suitable for amateurs to sit on the net and not let the phone out of their hands?



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