High-End Technologies You Can Find in the Vacuum Cleaners Today

High-End Technologies You Can Find in the Vacuum Cleaners Today

Vacuum cleaners have taken the wind out of traditional cleaning tools in a massive way. They have grown in terms of power and capabilities to help in multiple cleaning situations. Technology continues to push the boundaries of those capabilities.

Present-day vacuum cleaners come with a slew of high-tech options to choose from for your every cleaning need. These advancements help you save time, energy, and money on electricity bills. They are easy to use though they contain advanced technologies. The advances have made its use easier while adding to its list of functions and settings.

Many companies have filled the shelves with a variety of vacuum cleaners for your choosing. If you’re unfamiliar with the field, you can read through Shark Vacuum Cleaner Reviews and others like it. They will give you the insight you need to purchase the product suitable for your requirements.

Some of the technologies incorporated into today’s vacuum cleaners are as follows:

Cordless Operation

For the conveniences vacuum cleaners offer, they also come with certain annoyances. The lengthy power cord is one such. While the length allows you to move the thing around far away from a socket, it can sometimes get in the way. You could trip over it if you’re not careful. It will occupy precious space when cleaning small spaces.

Modern cordless vacuum cleaners enable you to cut the cord out altogether. They run on batteries that can be easily attached to the machine and removed just as readily. These are based on lithium-ion technology, making them long-lasting while providing sufficient power. Charging them is a quick and effortless affair too.

Integrated Design

Vacuum cleaners have been infamous for their bulk. You have to carry around a long and heavy stick that attaches to a rather large housing containing the motor and the dust bag. The flexible pipe is also thick and hard to maneuver. Modern ones have gotten rid of these problems.

The classic style vacuum cleaners are still around, but they’ve gotten lighter and sleeker. The revolutionary models are the upright, stick, and handheld vacuum cleaners. These combine all the components of a vacuum cleaner into a single unit, saving space and weight. They also add convenience and are easy to maintain.

Some models come with more tricks up their sleeve in this department. Flexology by Shark lets you bend the stick during operation. You can reach the tightest of spots due to this flexibility for improved cleaning.

Multi-Purpose Attachments

The attachments of a vacuum cleaner are like wheels to a car. They connect the surface being cleaned to the vacuum cleaner. And that surface can vary at every turn.

Ceilings are not the same as floors. Floors are not the same either; they could be hard or have soft carpeting on them. Then there are delicate ones like glass tabletops. Each of these surfaces’ cleaning must proceed with an attachment suited to that individual surface. Fortunately, modern vacuum cleaners come with an array of attachments that you can add.

Some companies have gone one step further. Shark, for instance, has its proprietary DuoClean technology. This technology combines two types of floor attachments into one, which allows it to clean both hard and soft floors without changing the floor attachment. The hard roll’s bristles will deeply clean carpets while the soft roll cleans the hard floor.

There isn’t a surface that can’t be cleaned with the vacuum, thanks to the many attachments.

Healthcare Features

Dust can cause severe allergies or even infections. Modern vacuums aim to help solve this problem with a slew of technologies. The list can include multi-size particle absorption, HEPA filters inclusion, usage of anti-allergen technologies, etc. Those with allergies can now safely work with the vacuum and not worry about any health problems.

Technologies exist to make life safer and more comfortable. Modern vacuum cleaners are the epitome of this notion. Reviews like Shark Vacuum cleaner reviews will help you select the best one for you.


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